October 2008

Nowadays, politics are just like fashion – it’s all about embracing new trends. What’s new on the political runway lately, what all the cool kids are asking you, gotcha mainstream reader, is to endorse Barack Obama. Sure, everyone is endorsing Barack Obama. Kids love him, women adore him, democrats think they finally landed the charisma jackpot, and the international community is in awe. What’s surprising, and perhaps another side-effect of global warming, is that Republicans endorse Barack Obama too. They’re not even renegade or reluctant Republicans, or Republicans that are not really Republicans (they attended the RNC once / voted for Reagan / are scared of voting Democrat) – they are mostly hardcore, legit, long-lasting Republicans with a tradition of upholding Republican values in Republican territories. And they’re all coming round to endorse Barack Obama.

Let’s find some of those prominent republicans suddenly as blue as Picasso in the relevent phase. (you can find the entire list on republicansforobama.org)

Susan Eisenhower -chairman of the Eisenhower Institute, a think tank based in DC, and was also appointed to the National Academy of Sciences’ standing Committee on International Security and Arms Control, where she served for eight years. We all know how that turned out.

Tricia Mosley – was a staffer for Senator Thurmond, who ran for presidency in 1948 under the segregationist banner. Mosley then has a history of ambivalence, considering Thurmond supported the Voting Rights Act and helped making Dr. Luther King’s birthday a federal holiday, but renounced his segregationist views.

William Weld – former senator of Massachussetts, he actually gained our hearts by being the Attorney General most famous for fighting white-collar crime, ie. money laundering and corruption. During his governorship, Weld ended the state’s borrowing, controlled Medicaid spending, reduced property taxes and balanced seven budgets in a row. He was later appointed as an ambassador, but never served because of Senator Jesse Helms’ opposition. Considering his clean track record and the fact that Jesse “hateful” Helms hates him, I fail to be surprised.

Francis Fukuyama – something that hardly surprises me, considering the Johns Hopkins international relations teacher has always satisfied my polisci-geek needs. However, his theoricism of neoconservatism and his loose affiliation with said neocons has always given me a rash. I have a love-hate relationship with Fukuyama. I keep expecting the best out of him and suddenly he goes ahead and backs up the Bush Administration. Luckily, he came back to his senses.

Jim Whitaker – Mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is always with immense glee that I am pointing out all the Alaska people supporting Obama, and thus, telling Sarah Palin to go visit Russia and permanently move there (she’ll be able to see Alaska from her house!) Probably not related to Forrest, Whitaker apparently jumped ship and swam to the democratic shores after attending and speaking at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Quoted in an article by the Newsminer, Whitaker affirmed that his “goal is to let Republicans have a clear understanding that their right to vote should not be restricted by any party affiliation.” Basically, he is saying that Republicans don’t have to be Republicans if they don’t feel like being Republicans.

and last but not least, Colin Powell. We all know Colin Powell. We all came to love him. A prominent figure of the Bush Administration, next to his cohorts Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney, two other american sweethearts, Powell recently did the unexplainable by turning his back on the maverick and supporting the enemy. After all, the Republicans put him in a very uncomfortable position. Powell job was meant to “manage America’s relationships with foreign countries in order to secure a stable coalition in the  War on Terrorism.” I can’t possibly figure out who could have accepted the position of Most Hated Guy on the Planet. Despite all his qualities, Powell will go down in history as being the one affirming that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, thus justifying an unlawful war.

Are those the people Barack Obama wants to have next to him? Is that going to change the mind of the last few reluctant or hesitating voters to see that former segregationists and advocates of the Fourth Amendment are backing up the candidate for change? Should we attribute Obama’s recent (relative) dive in polls to those endorsements?

And last but not least, endorsing doesn’t mean voting. I am pretty sure the Maverick will still be on their bulletins. Some change of minds can only get so far.


There is no escape from history. There is no escape from trauma. There is no such thing as a clean slate. Tonight, the United Nations Security Council is calling for an extraordinary reunion concerning the impending risk of genocide at the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda.

In 1994, hundreds of thousands of Tutsis had fled Rwanda and the Hutu rebel militia to Congo, where they have stayed in refugee camps since then. In the last several days, the Tutsi militia, led by Congo renegade leader General Laurent Nkunda, has embarked into a hunt towards those refugee camps, and all the survivors, some accused of having taken part in the genocide, have fled their camps again, risking for their lives and their livelihood. Tonight, Nkunda has called for a truce, and has urged the DRC government troops to follow suit. As reported by the BBC, “there was a “stampede” as thousands of displaced people poured into Goma on the third day of fierce fighting in the area. Congolese soldiers withdrawing from the village of Kibumba, 30km (20 miles) to the north, also retreated to the city, creating a sense of panic among the population.”

Rape is widely used as a weapon of destruction and retaliation, and has yet to be recognized as a crime against humanity under international law.

For more information on the crisis in Congo: DRC Conflict Q&A by the BBC // Army retreats, citizens flee (CNN)

It was a beautiful day – actually, no, it was raining down hard – but it was a great day for the world when Tzipi Livni was elected as the new israeli Prime Minister. She clearly announced a willingness to separate herself from Ehud Olmert’s policies (FINALLY) and to start negotiating with Palestinians. The European Union of course welcomed this candidate with whom they knew they could perhaps start talking about the eventual recognition of a Palestinian State. Why? Don’t think you could ever solve this conflict without giving people back their state. That’s paramount. It’s non-negotiable, unfortunately, Israel refused to negotiate on this specific topic for about, say, I don’t know, five fucking decades, justifying their methods because of the Intifada and the fact that after all, it was the UN that created Israel (OH SNAP!)

There is a lot to love about Tzipi Livni. Contrary to the other women who recently tried themselves at politics – Segolene Royal, Sarah Palin – Tzipi Livni knows shit about fuck. 10 years practising as a lawyer, speaking three languages (hebrew, english and french), with previous experience as a low-level agent for the Mossad, Tzipi Livni is capable to have an interesting vision about Israel that doesn’t necessarily mean that she can see Palestine from her house (sic). Something just as interesting about Livni is that she is outspoken, well-informed, and is not scared of stating opinions that might alienate her from the majority. Talking about the attacks against Israeli soldiers in the Gaza strip, she replied that it was “Somebody who is fighting against Israeli soldiers is an enemy and we will fight back, but I believe that this is not under the definition of terrorism, if the target is a soldier.”(1)  This is a brand new re-definition of terrorism – or more precisely, what is not terrorism, something that Sarah Palin failed to identify when interviewed by CSPAN about Bill Ayers.

Recently, Livni made a bid for a coalition government. Her appeal has been refused by religiously extreme parties – United Torah Judaism, Meretz-Yashad’s and the Shas, all disagreeing on her vision of minimum welfare (should we say hi to Hilary Clinton?) and Livni’s infamous position on Jerusalem. It was indeed one of the PLO’s requests to establish east Jerusalem as the capital city of an hypothetical Palestinian State, something the Shas has always denied, but Livni was willing to start negotiating on. Livni could have chosen to compromise her own vision of Israel with Olmert’s legacy, but has chosen to organize more elections to decide of the composition of the Parliament she will preside (2). It was risky. It was democratic. It was courageous. It was a testament to what her rule over Israel might be like if she gets the majority she needs to bring about the change she is dreaming of.

It will also be a serious setback for the peace talks between Israel and Palestine, and with the United States’ current incertainty in terms of foreign policy, we are looking at a year or two of status quo in this part of the Middle East. But if anything, Livni’s choice to wait and see is perhaps a more mature and more intelligent choice than to rush into decisions with people whose vision she does not share, whose future she does not want. Considering the insane amount of financial aid Israel receives from the United States for their military expenditures, let’s consider those new elections as two steps back, looking at the bigger picture in the hope of walking three steps ahead.

(1) Journal of International Criminal Justice Advance Access published online on December 15, 2006, Oxford University press, The Multifaceted Criminal Notion of Terrorism in International Law by Antonio Cassese.

(2) Livni’s Gamble, from Times Online – October 28, 2008.

They’ve done this before I believe

And the other side’s special last minute surprise?

I wouldn’t be surprised, he crashed a lot of planes, and caused a lot of damage in the Navy. I’m sure he’s had time to grow out of it in the 3,000 years since then. All kidding aside though, I hope I can run my ass around the way he can when I’m in my 70’s. Not that I ever want to live that long, unless that fake heart the French just finished checks out. Get me some fake lungs, and eyes to go with it, and I’m all set. Of course, by that time, health care will be 400000000 dollars for a doctor’s visit so I should go with my other plan.

Actually, out of curiosity, I keep hearing Americans babble on about how socialized medicine means medicine isn’t as cutting edge in other countries, and yet, France still seems to have kicked our asses here. I’m sure they stole it or something. Like the Nobel was stolen from Gallo. /snickers

Holy shit look at all these white people who suddenly give a shit about the Jews! If anyone out there catches this and happens to be Jewish – be sure and get your request for a giant fence around Israel to be paid for by the US in now before the Muslim sympathasizer gets in office! You can build it out of tuna fish cans and blood diamonds.

In other news, all seven of the Republicans in Hollywood came out against Al Franken, and said he was embarrassing them. Victoria Jackson, who has made a living off playing a bimbo, and was in an Andrew Dice Clay movie, said, ‘We can’t all write articles for Playboy’ probably referring to the section of ‘Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot’ that was in Playboy. For serious. I wish they did more crazy shit like this. [I guess she’s pissed because he didn’t respect her right to be a Jesus Freak – why do I continue to be surprised that Christians break every single rule in their religion constantly, and yet get pissed when people don’t respect their pretend beliefs?]

I am loving all the people saying Obama gets to keep his campaign money at the end. COKE AND WHORES FOR ALL OF CHICAGO ON NOVEMBER 5TH WIN OR LOSE! HE WILL HAVE TO SPEND THAT MONEY SOMEHOW! AND MICHELLE SHOPS AT J. CREW SO IT PROBABLY WON’T BE HER! First 10,000 sign up get the cute whores, and the uncut coke!

Finally, dear Obama campaign, stop fucking sending me e-mails. You don’t want me to volunteer for you, because I will call Sarah Palin a cunt on the phone to McCain supporters, and spend my time cursing loudly in some bizarre mixture of English/French/Czech at people who annoy me. If we had more time left, I’d even learn some more Cantonese just to make it feel more commie.

I am also seeing reports that the creator of Peanuts, who died in 2000 has somehow raised from the dead to support McCain. Ya’ll, are we sure he’s not a zombie?

Obama attends a dinner with possible PLO connections in 2003

I’m googling around, but it’s like, crazy sites and some douche bag at the Boston Times. I am not a supporter of Palestine, but I’m not opposed to the US fucking talking to Palestinians and I don’t know that I’m right about this subject. It’s a little difficult for me to believe Obama would get backing from someone like Ari Emanuel, or the Dreamworks guys if he was not supportive of Jews. They dumped Hilary to campaign for Obama.


leads to


Nice to see it coming up at the last minute in an attempt to win Florida?

I’m not sure I would call this guy a terrorist

Possible later note:

Call the author and the LA Times to request journalistic integrity and for the videos to be released before the election.

Author Peter Wallsten’s telephone numbers are:

202-824-8376 (w)
202-441-1940 (m)

His boss is head of the National Desk in Los Angeles and can be reached by calling (213) 237-5000, requesting the operator, then requesting the National Desk, then requesting the head of the National Desk.

I want to discuss something near and dear to my heart: http://www.vhemt.org/biobreed.htm

[Think you want a baby? http://www.realityworks.com/%5D

Breeding – not doing it. That site does a good review of faulty reasons people choose to have children, and I agree with them. I include everyone here, Americans, Europeans, Africans, Indians, Chinese, the whole world – knock it off. If you feel that children will enhance your life, awesome! Adopt! There are loads of children out there waiting for homes. Pick one up, take him or her home, and try your best to do well by them.

Stop having fertility treatments, and your eggs frozen, and all that crap. Unless your name is Stephen Hawking, you are not secretly passing on the key to the universe. Oh, and Hawking is passing on the key to the universe WITH HIS MIND. Stop treating women like breeding cattle, and pass out condoms. Lots of them, and other efficient forms of birth control, and encourage people to be responsible. This will also decrease STDs, and make us a healthier population all around.

About the kids you have now: Teach them to respect themselves. Teach them to use protection, and not sleep with useless people who will abuse them. Explain to them carefully that things like AIDS drugs really, really suck, and they are not a cure. Waving a book [any book] at people doesn’t help. Tell them, over and over, use a condom, make the smart decision. Do not pressure them for grandchildren out of a petty sense of revenge. If you want grandchildren, look around your own neighborhood, I bet there is a couple or two with children that don’t have any help! Offer them some, and viola! Soon you have children to spoil, and you can leave your own kids alone.

The only way we will be able to survive as a species is if there is less of us. Do it before we trash everything hospitable about this planet we have left. Don’t call science at me, either. I love science, I think it is the most wonderful discipline ever, and more people should study it, but it can’t solve finite resources/space. Unless we go live on Mars, in which case I’m completely wrong. I suspect that moving large amounts of resources from earth up to Mars to terraform it might cause a slight issue along the way. Just a thought.

ps. Stop fucking with the food supply jackasses. We have enough food – it just doesn’t go to the correct places because of things like corporate ownership of land in poor countries, the World Bank’s retarded policies of encouraging countries to sell the food they need to eat to the outside market to pay back loans they shouldn’t have been given, and oh, right, crazy dictators who steal things. Solve the social problems first. I know, I know, it’s not as cool as corn that grows in the desert. Tough shit.

Stop mocking liberal art majors, and oh, I don’t know, get them out to do some good in the world. Teach people to read and write, and how not to shoot their neighbors every time the power goes out. Just a thought, bbs. Don’t give guns to children either.

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