My name is Lois Lane as far as this blog is concerned. I’m choosing to go by this name not for the long association with fine journalist integrity this name invokes, but because I hate Lois Lane, and every time I see her name, I feel a small pit of rage. I think this will motivate me to write scathing articles that tear at people’s souls, which has long been a personal goal. I have two useless degrees, a ton of debt, and a fervent wish for the death of all humankind. My cohort is much classier and more intelligent than me, and probably won’t wish everyone dead on a regular basis. I feel this is a good balance in karma for our little society of bitchery and evil.

You will note I choose 1939 as the end of my name instead of 1938 when Lois was actually introduced, I am hoping this will subtly drive comic book geeks insane. I know it would make me psycho.

My cohort:

Je m’appelle K et je suis la fille de Satan. I am well known in certain circles as a trouble maker, and dare I say it, muckraker. One day I hope to single handedly save the universe from its own demise when density reaches an unmaintainable point and causes a contraction in the span of space. I can make this vow because I am an immortal who is quick with a pen and a sword, do not cross me, for my wrath is fierce. I survive solely on diet coke and the sleep of the damned.

Note: I’m making her look cool and she disses my effort! For shame K. For shame.