Hope is a four letter word. I’m afraid to have it, to think positively of a future that deep down I think will probably be the same as the past – but sometimes I remember that good men and women have stood up and changed the world.

Pandora’s Amphora [it was a jar, not a box- Pandora’s Pithos doesn’t sound as classy] let out all the negative and kept the positive – kept hope. I tend to agree with the people who believe hope was a negative too, hope is what gets you up in the morning, what keeps you going, so you can trip into all the rest of the horror. Hope is what tricks you into believing the future will be better.

Despite this, I have hope right now that we might send a message of togetherness, of moving beyond petty hatred, and intolerance, and showing our good side to the world. We’ll see how badly I pay for it.

-But she was “sheer guile, not to be withstood by men.”