I want to discuss something near and dear to my heart: http://www.vhemt.org/biobreed.htm

[Think you want a baby? http://www.realityworks.com/%5D

Breeding – not doing it. That site does a good review of faulty reasons people choose to have children, and I agree with them. I include everyone here, Americans, Europeans, Africans, Indians, Chinese, the whole world – knock it off. If you feel that children will enhance your life, awesome! Adopt! There are loads of children out there waiting for homes. Pick one up, take him or her home, and try your best to do well by them.

Stop having fertility treatments, and your eggs frozen, and all that crap. Unless your name is Stephen Hawking, you are not secretly passing on the key to the universe. Oh, and Hawking is passing on the key to the universe WITH HIS MIND. Stop treating women like breeding cattle, and pass out condoms. Lots of them, and other efficient forms of birth control, and encourage people to be responsible. This will also decrease STDs, and make us a healthier population all around.

About the kids you have now: Teach them to respect themselves. Teach them to use protection, and not sleep with useless people who will abuse them. Explain to them carefully that things like AIDS drugs really, really suck, and they are not a cure. Waving a book [any book] at people doesn’t help. Tell them, over and over, use a condom, make the smart decision. Do not pressure them for grandchildren out of a petty sense of revenge. If you want grandchildren, look around your own neighborhood, I bet there is a couple or two with children that don’t have any help! Offer them some, and viola! Soon you have children to spoil, and you can leave your own kids alone.

The only way we will be able to survive as a species is if there is less of us. Do it before we trash everything hospitable about this planet we have left. Don’t call science at me, either. I love science, I think it is the most wonderful discipline ever, and more people should study it, but it can’t solve finite resources/space. Unless we go live on Mars, in which case I’m completely wrong. I suspect that moving large amounts of resources from earth up to Mars to terraform it might cause a slight issue along the way. Just a thought.

ps. Stop fucking with the food supply jackasses. We have enough food – it just doesn’t go to the correct places because of things like corporate ownership of land in poor countries, the World Bank’s retarded policies of encouraging countries to sell the food they need to eat to the outside market to pay back loans they shouldn’t have been given, and oh, right, crazy dictators who steal things. Solve the social problems first. I know, I know, it’s not as cool as corn that grows in the desert. Tough shit.

Stop mocking liberal art majors, and oh, I don’t know, get them out to do some good in the world. Teach people to read and write, and how not to shoot their neighbors every time the power goes out. Just a thought, bbs. Don’t give guns to children either.