They’ve done this before I believe

And the other side’s special last minute surprise?

I wouldn’t be surprised, he crashed a lot of planes, and caused a lot of damage in the Navy. I’m sure he’s had time to grow out of it in the 3,000 years since then. All kidding aside though, I hope I can run my ass around the way he can when I’m in my 70’s. Not that I ever want to live that long, unless that fake heart the French just finished checks out. Get me some fake lungs, and eyes to go with it, and I’m all set. Of course, by that time, health care will be 400000000 dollars for a doctor’s visit so I should go with my other plan.

Actually, out of curiosity, I keep hearing Americans babble on about how socialized medicine means medicine isn’t as cutting edge in other countries, and yet, France still seems to have kicked our asses here. I’m sure they stole it or something. Like the Nobel was stolen from Gallo. /snickers