Obama attends a dinner with possible PLO connections in 2003

I’m googling around, but it’s like, crazy sites and some douche bag at the Boston Times. I am not a supporter of Palestine, but I’m not opposed to the US fucking talking to Palestinians and I don’t know that I’m right about this subject. It’s a little difficult for me to believe Obama would get backing from someone like Ari Emanuel, or the Dreamworks guys if he was not supportive of Jews. They dumped Hilary to campaign for Obama.


leads to


Nice to see it coming up at the last minute in an attempt to win Florida?

I’m not sure I would call this guy a terrorist

Possible later note:

Call the author and the LA Times to request journalistic integrity and for the videos to be released before the election.

Author Peter Wallsten’s telephone numbers are:

202-824-8376 (w)
202-441-1940 (m)

His boss is head of the National Desk in Los Angeles and can be reached by calling (213) 237-5000, requesting the operator, then requesting the National Desk, then requesting the head of the National Desk.