Holy shit look at all these white people who suddenly give a shit about the Jews! If anyone out there catches this and happens to be Jewish – be sure and get your request for a giant fence around Israel to be paid for by the US in now before the Muslim sympathasizer gets in office! You can build it out of tuna fish cans and blood diamonds.

In other news, all seven of the Republicans in Hollywood came out against Al Franken, and said he was embarrassing them. Victoria Jackson, who has made a living off playing a bimbo, and was in an Andrew Dice Clay movie, said, ‘We can’t all write articles for Playboy’ probably referring to the section of ‘Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot’ that was in Playboy. For serious. I wish they did more crazy shit like this. [I guess she’s pissed because he didn’t respect her right to be a Jesus Freak – why do I continue to be surprised that Christians break every single rule in their religion constantly, and yet get pissed when people don’t respect their pretend beliefs?]

I am loving all the people saying Obama gets to keep his campaign money at the end. COKE AND WHORES FOR ALL OF CHICAGO ON NOVEMBER 5TH WIN OR LOSE! HE WILL HAVE TO SPEND THAT MONEY SOMEHOW! AND MICHELLE SHOPS AT J. CREW SO IT PROBABLY WON’T BE HER! First 10,000 sign up get the cute whores, and the uncut coke!

Finally, dear Obama campaign, stop fucking sending me e-mails. You don’t want me to volunteer for you, because I will call Sarah Palin a cunt on the phone to McCain supporters, and spend my time cursing loudly in some bizarre mixture of English/French/Czech at people who annoy me. If we had more time left, I’d even learn some more Cantonese just to make it feel more commie.

I am also seeing reports that the creator of Peanuts, who died in 2000 has somehow raised from the dead to support McCain. Ya’ll, are we sure he’s not a zombie?