Nowadays, politics are just like fashion – it’s all about embracing new trends. What’s new on the political runway lately, what all the cool kids are asking you, gotcha mainstream reader, is to endorse Barack Obama. Sure, everyone is endorsing Barack Obama. Kids love him, women adore him, democrats think they finally landed the charisma jackpot, and the international community is in awe. What’s surprising, and perhaps another side-effect of global warming, is that Republicans endorse Barack Obama too. They’re not even renegade or reluctant Republicans, or Republicans that are not really Republicans (they attended the RNC once / voted for Reagan / are scared of voting Democrat) – they are mostly hardcore, legit, long-lasting Republicans with a tradition of upholding Republican values in Republican territories. And they’re all coming round to endorse Barack Obama.

Let’s find some of those prominent republicans suddenly as blue as Picasso in the relevent phase. (you can find the entire list on

Susan Eisenhower -chairman of the Eisenhower Institute, a think tank based in DC, and was also appointed to the National Academy of Sciences’ standing Committee on International Security and Arms Control, where she served for eight years. We all know how that turned out.

Tricia Mosley – was a staffer for Senator Thurmond, who ran for presidency in 1948 under the segregationist banner. Mosley then has a history of ambivalence, considering Thurmond supported the Voting Rights Act and helped making Dr. Luther King’s birthday a federal holiday, but renounced his segregationist views.

William Weld – former senator of Massachussetts, he actually gained our hearts by being the Attorney General most famous for fighting white-collar crime, ie. money laundering and corruption. During his governorship, Weld ended the state’s borrowing, controlled Medicaid spending, reduced property taxes and balanced seven budgets in a row. He was later appointed as an ambassador, but never served because of Senator Jesse Helms’ opposition. Considering his clean track record and the fact that Jesse “hateful” Helms hates him, I fail to be surprised.

Francis Fukuyama – something that hardly surprises me, considering the Johns Hopkins international relations teacher has always satisfied my polisci-geek needs. However, his theoricism of neoconservatism and his loose affiliation with said neocons has always given me a rash. I have a love-hate relationship with Fukuyama. I keep expecting the best out of him and suddenly he goes ahead and backs up the Bush Administration. Luckily, he came back to his senses.

Jim Whitaker – Mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is always with immense glee that I am pointing out all the Alaska people supporting Obama, and thus, telling Sarah Palin to go visit Russia and permanently move there (she’ll be able to see Alaska from her house!) Probably not related to Forrest, Whitaker apparently jumped ship and swam to the democratic shores after attending and speaking at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Quoted in an article by the Newsminer, Whitaker affirmed that his “goal is to let Republicans have a clear understanding that their right to vote should not be restricted by any party affiliation.” Basically, he is saying that Republicans don’t have to be Republicans if they don’t feel like being Republicans.

and last but not least, Colin Powell. We all know Colin Powell. We all came to love him. A prominent figure of the Bush Administration, next to his cohorts Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney, two other american sweethearts, Powell recently did the unexplainable by turning his back on the maverick and supporting the enemy. After all, the Republicans put him in a very uncomfortable position. Powell job was meant to “manage America’s relationships with foreign countries in order to secure a stable coalition in the  War on Terrorism.” I can’t possibly figure out who could have accepted the position of Most Hated Guy on the Planet. Despite all his qualities, Powell will go down in history as being the one affirming that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, thus justifying an unlawful war.

Are those the people Barack Obama wants to have next to him? Is that going to change the mind of the last few reluctant or hesitating voters to see that former segregationists and advocates of the Fourth Amendment are backing up the candidate for change? Should we attribute Obama’s recent (relative) dive in polls to those endorsements?

And last but not least, endorsing doesn’t mean voting. I am pretty sure the Maverick will still be on their bulletins. Some change of minds can only get so far.