What the fuck is this bullshit? Bitch, stop selling it, no one is buying your lies anymore.

They want to see us raise the white flag and concede that our principles of freedom, responsibility, and limited government no longer speak to the hopes and dreams of American families.

What principles of freedom? Between the wars, the wiretapping, and the outright handing over of the government to lobbyists, where the fuck do we have freedom left?

Responsibility – oh fucking please, assclowns. Kicking people off welfare does not equal taking responsibility, and Clinton was the one who did that shit anyway.

Limited Government – I am not going to even bother with this. It’s sheer fuckwittedness to even say it. Government never limits government, just like businesses don’t regulate themselves.

Fuck this. The only thing that works in politics is the voting population all have horrible long term memories, so when someone screws up, as they always will, the opposite goes omg, look how much they suck ass, I promise not to suck ass, and they get elected, and it starts all over again. We all fall for it, even me. Look how much I like Obama.