This is a good thought, and one I wish Mr. Wheaton luck with managing to stick too

However, I will be going with the motto of someone else: Fuck Zen, Stay Angry.

[Fuck the Mormons too! Assholes! And Catholics! Polygamists and Child fuckers say I am too evil to be married. Some how I can’t find it in my heart to want to do anything but punch them in the face.]

I am happy that it was a small margin, and that more and more people I see don’t care about the issue. Maybe if people like Wheaton’s friend can do her best to strip away hate, and I can do my best to never stop tracking these assholes down, we can have a better land. Or we can go start Gaytopia, a land of crystal meth and dancing boys. Straight people will completely be allowed as long as they promise to support our rights, and also to not freak out when dudes make out on the street. Taking pictures of the hot ones is fine.