I wanted to rejoice about Barack Obama’s impending arrival into office, and California ruined my mood by passing Prop 8.

I wanted to rejoice about the end of what seemed to be the longest electoral campaign – an exhausting total of twenty-two months – and found myself reading about the GOP preparing for 2010.

I wanted to let Sarah Palin return to Alaska and rest in peace, but alas the Republican MILF has apparently decided that nothing would change, and that she loved the spotlight too much not to continue embarrassing herself in public.

So, today, in what we should already call the Palin Chronicles, How Sarah Palin Continues To Spread Division Among Her Own People. That’s definitely something Sun-Tzu should have foreseen. After the scandal surrounding her declaration that she would rather campaign in “pro-American states”, Sarah Palin once again turns her back on a non-negligeable part of her potential electorate by refusing to go on stage with pro-choice Republicans.

I think that was what she meant by stating she was a feminist on C-SPAN.

Quoting from Newsweek, here is the drill : “The day of the third debate, Palin refused to go onstage with New Hampshire GOP Sen. John Sununu and Jeb Bradley, a New Hampshire congressman running for the Senate, because they were pro-choice and because Bradley opposed drilling in Alaska. The McCain campaign ordered her onstage at the next campaign stop, but she refused to acknowledge the two Republican candidates standing behind her.”

I will pass on how inconsistent and childish this attitude is, as there is no other way we could qualify a woman whose only claim to fame was seeing Russia from her house. Sarah Palin is as far removed from the socio-political context as I am from governors charging citizens for their own rape kit. This is perhaps what may have sunk McCain’s campaign into the same marin depths as the Titanic: the choice of a vice-presidential candidate who does not understand the concept of a party line, the necessity of compromises and the importance of social evolution within a society that is as varied and as challenging as the American one. Sarah Palin, Game Theory does not refer to what Bristol used to do at recess. Politics aren’t a game of checkers. We appreciate anyone standing by their own beliefs, but when those people actually support you and fight on your behalf, least you could do is at least try to engage into a dialogue when opinions differ. It’s called maturity. You should try it.

On another note, I believe that a considerable part of the Obamamania stems from the elated relief that Sarah Palin will never be in office, at least not in the next four years.

EDIT: OH SNAP! Thanks to Anthony, a thoughtful reader whose original comment can be read below, Newsweek was apparently a bad, bad magazine and this quote was indeed not accurate. The reason why Miss Palin was so reluctant to acknowledge the presence of her fellow GOP members was their political stance on oil drilling in her home state of Alaska. As you may all know, oil is the main ressource of the state and perhaps the only reason it is even on US territory in the first place. As much as I stand by my former comment that it was not necessarily the most mature behaviour to adopt, trying to take away Miss Palin’s livelihood is something that is understandably going to cause inside trouble. Which will lead this blog to comment on a recent Wall Street Journal article on the policy of smears practiced by McCain’s former campaign staff against Sarah Palin, accusing her of being the one and only reason behind the Arizona Senator’s failure to make it to Capitol Hill. Who’s Afraid of Sarah Palin? Well, Newsweek for a start. Thank you Anthony!