December 2008

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Bradley A. Smith is one of the nation’s leading authorities on election law and campaign finance. In 2000, he was nominated by President Clinton to fill a Republican-designated seat on the Federal Election Commission, where he served for five years, including serving as Chairman of the Commission in 2004. He is Of Counsel with the Columbus, Ohio and Washington D.C. offices of the law firm of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease. Professor Smith has been on the Capital University Law School faculty since 1993. He also has taught law at George Mason University in Virginia.

WHAT’S THAT ABOUT FINDING PEOPLE BY THEIR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS GUISE? I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER MY OWN LAUGHTER. Smart people can donate through a corporation fyi – that’s what Joe Flanigan and his wife did.


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Now for the good shit:
CRY MOAR Oh, you fuckers found out your actions have *gasp* consequences! Well, shit, that just takes the fun right out of oppressing people! Whatever will you do! Don’t worry too much bbs, there is still plenty of poor people to fuck over. Stay useless WSJ – I know you like having your ass raped by Newscorp. My beautiful paper, I miss you.


[Not a new tactic by Rove]

I swear to god, REALITY HAS JUMPED THE SHARK. Congrats you retards, you are now officially stupider than my comic books.

Next I’ll see Bush’s wife and fake wife defending him in…wait. Wait. THAT HAPPENED TOO. I’d make some comments about his mom coming to his side next, but that bitch might have me killed. I don’t want to be strangled by fucking pearls, you know? I want to go out because Ellen killed me for fucking her hot ass wife.

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Ya’ll, I’ll be playing the throw a shoe at Bush game and contemplating what kind of monster wants to force a divorce on happily married people because they can’t handle some cock action. Have a good New Years – maybe next year we’ll all gain some sanity. Support Campaign Courage!


At least he tried.

At least he tried.

It’s that time of the year again! That of polls, lists, and other publicly humiliating ranking processes. 2008 had been an extremely tough year, ending on a very dark note with the death of Nobel Prize recipient Harold Pinter (more on that later).¬† But rejoice, children, as George W. Bush is now leaving the building, thank you, thank you very much.

A CNN poll reveals that 75% of the American population are joyfully wishing good riddance to the one 28% consider the worst president in United States history.¬† “Earlier this year, Bush scored some of the lowest presidential approval ratings we’ve seen in half a century, so it’s understandable that the public is eager for a new president to step in,” said Keating Holland, CNN polling director.¬† From the skyrocketing ratings of support following 9/11 to the plummetting desperation of the year following Operation Desert Storm, George W. Bush has established himself an extremely controversial and unpopular image, despite campaigning in 2000 as a down-to-earth type of guy, straightforward and close to popular needs. How the might have fallen.

Numbers don’t really make sense without a comparison. Bush’s predecessor, Bill Clinton, who was threatened with impeachement and despised by the Democrats, managed to leave office with better numbers – a whooping 45% said they would miss him as a leader. Bush only scores a very small 23% who will probably only miss his White House antics (but don’t worry, most of them are compiled on YouTube).

If his last name and his swift, prompt response to 9/11 inspired confidence, he quickly lost it. A war deemed hasty Рas well as illegal Рand the recent credit crunch have made his popularity run down the hill faster than an Olympic medalist: only 20% trust in George W. Bush for doing a respectful, decent job as President.  82% believe that he never was a uniter, despite his claims in the early years of his first mandate; it seems he divided the country even more than it was before, which is understandable considering the extreme positions he took on several social hot topics such as abortion or civil rights. The rise to neoconservatism was not of popular taste, at home as well as on the international scale. Bush managed to alienate and isolate the country like no other president ever did Рhighlighted by a predecessor who had always cultivated good foreign relations and being a part of several european and middle-eastern peace processes. George W. Bush provided military support to Israel, made the Middle East implode, put the United Kingdom at risk and gave continental Europe the silent treatment.

“President Bush’s job approval rating has been at or below freezing since the beginning of the year,” Schneider said. “The current 27 percent approval rating is one of the lowest ratings for any president, ever.”

I guess Bush is now giving Pierce a chance to rest second as worst president in history.¬† It will be a tremendous piece of work to clean up the mess he’s leaving behind.

ready to share their IRAs

George W Bush and John McCain: ready to share their IRAs

Lo and behold! The leader of the not-so-free-world, the number one target, one of the most hated politicians has just caught the seasonal bug and managed to sprinkle a little holiday cheer over our charming blonde heads.

In these extremely dire moments, with an economic crisis that may gnaw at our meagre savings for the next five years or so, the conditions laid down by the Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008 (WRERA) may just as well be the only thing we have left to hold onto. I can’t believe I am actually typing this, but George W. Bush signed the bill yesterday, on Christmas’ Eve, hereby allowing employers to rollover benefits to non-spouse beneficiaries (meaning, couples who didn’t marry or couldn’t marry), including same-sex partners. They could include inherited benefits directly into their individual retirement account (IRA), avoiding immediate taxation.

It seems that the legal barriers between civil unions and marriage are getting a little thinner, and it’s all for the best. So, thank you George W Bush? It still sounds weird, but 2008 has been extremely tough, so I’ll take it.

Reporting this good news has been SaC’s way of wishing y’all a merry, merry festive season!

I got into a hilarious discussion at the bank yesterday with a fellow patron who agreed that we both wanted to pull shit this awesome, refuse to quit, demand the state pay for our expenses, and generally be the most entertaining fuckwit alive. I am saddened in my heart to know that I will never, no matter what bullshit I ever pull, be as fucked out as this guy. Part of my vicious attention whore soul has died.

Click here to see the portraits of Laura and George Bush. I am hoping they are like Harry Potter portraits that talk to you, and dispense advice. I bet Laura Bush knows how to get blood stains out of anything!

Everyone should read this because it’s hilarious and informative! and that way you can copy and paste your future list of people to punch in the face when you end up homeless. Make sure you print the list out though, because most of you didn’t have the forethought to get a solar powered charger for your laptops.

Last, my complete favorite: Where your bail out money went America K mentioned being pissed she wasn’t on that list, so I think everyone should go ahead and send her a dollar until she feels better.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Pentagon is getting ready to shut down the cuban detention facility of Guantanamo Bay in order to “be prepared for any order from President-elect Barack Obama, who has promised to close the controversial” prison as son as he assumed office. Defense Secretary Bob Gates, not necessarily a favorite of this blog, asked his team to come up with a proposal on how to shut down Guitmo should Barack want to make it his first order of business. Oh Gates, you teacher pet you.

promises a delightful stay with team activities, costume parties and never ending sunshine!

Guantanamo Bay: a delightful stay with team activities, costume parties and never ending sunshine!

The first question concerns the detainees. What to do with approximatively inmates considered by US law as being “unlawful combatants” and a threat to national security? Are they going to send it to the high-security prison of Attica in New York State? Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell has no idea as of yet, but rest assured, he is working on it. “[we will] move the detainees from that facility while at the same time, of course, ensuring that we protect the American people from some dangerous characters”, he said at a news briefing.

This plan might have to address the brilliant idea that was the Military Commission system. The Military Commission Act, put in place in october 2006 in the quiet manner reserved to liberticide measures, created a vague, blurry legal framework in which every citizen or non-citizen suspected of participating in planning and/or committing an act of terrorism could be detained for an uncertain amount of time by the US forces, creating the domain of “unlawful combatant” (deserving, as a result, unlawful treatment) and holding them in the Guantanamo Bay prison, where they would basically not have any rights and suffer torture from the hands of specifically trained prison wardens in combat gear. The suspect was also meant to be judged by a martial court instead of the usual, legal criminal court, in order to ensure that no human rights-trained attorney would ever come and rain on the Military Commission’s parade with archaic concepts such as the Habeas Corpus.

Because the United States wants its reputation as a homely, welcoming and warm nation, the government will be trying to “negotiate homes in third countries” for about sixty specific detainees now cleared for release but cannot return to their homeland (Uzbekistan, Libya …) “for fear of being tortured”. After being arbitrarily arrested and suffering “stress and duress” treatment in a prison located in a different country to protect the United States from human rights law technicalities, I am nothing short of amazed at the US Government’s commitment to international criminal law, that requires a country to refuse extradition if the inmate is under danger of torture and/or a death sentence. After all, why would we let Libya do what we can do ourselves? I bet the treatment those sixty detainees will receive from both prison administrators and co-detainees will be just fubar compared to Khadafi’s cells.

On a last point, it seems the Bush administration has a little money left to spend on prisons: Gates’ think tank is very well aware that the government will have to build “appropriate facilities” in order to contain these new orange men (*) as “local and state authorities […] may not want terrorist suspects housed in prisons in their areas”. As it was precisely the reason why Bush had to go as far (sic) as Cuba to hold these prisoners captives, we can only believe that the closing of Guantanamo Bay will result in the building of the exact same facility on US territory, preferably a slightly extra-territorial state so as to preserve the good conscience (**) of the American population. I suggest Alaska. They could make the detainees pay for their own rape kit!

Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU, believes the closing of Guantanamo Bay “is an important first step toward turning the page on eight years of shameful policies that allowed torture and violations of domestic and international law,” he said in a statement. I can only agree with him on the issue, and salute Bob Gates’ anticipation of Obama’s commitment to human rights. I used to be skeptical of his presence in the new administration, but tackling such a controversial topic before Obama officially takes up the reigns is nothing short of admirable. This said, I will not rest until the Military Commission Act is officially null. Keep in mind US citizens are just as likely to fall under its regulation. In this country where everyone is¬† a potential enemy, fear manages to creep in the most unbelievable ways. It’s a start, but if there is one word we could say to Bob Gates, it’s that we want a tightly-knit safety net and a transparency report on the treatment that will be given to this detainees. This is a start, but it’s not enough.

(*) men in orange? Orange Men? Northern Irish politics? See what I did there?

(**) See post on the Right to Conscience bill. I’m on a roll today.

… and so the insanity never ends. We reported yesterday on Obama picking the paragon of hatred and ignorance that is Rick Warren to speak at his highly expected presidential inauguration; but it’s not January 20th yet, this is still 2008, and George W. Bush is still the president in exercice.

theyd rather let you die than give you any rights.

Pro-Life activisits: they'd rather kill you than let you have any rights.

The newest addition to Bush Jr’s Legislation Wall of Shame is the Right to Conscience bill. It already sounds like something¬† some fascist militia would cram down your throat until you choke on it.¬† And you will: this bill will allow a pharmacist to refuse a contraceptive pill prescription in the name of his ‘conscience (understand: belief, faith, spirituality, Bible Camp, etc.) The same way that some doctors have refused to practice abortion because they believed their faith prevailed over the medical oath, this bill will allow any rightwing nutjob in a drugstore to start pedaling backwards on the women’s health bike. Rejoice, my friends, Medieval Times Fair is coming to town. Because it’s now all about timing, the bill will go into effect on January 18th, only days before the new administration comes into office.

As quoted by Women’s Health News, “The administration made almost no substantive changes to the regulation following the period of public comment, says Adam Sonfield, senior public policy associate at the Guttmacher Institute. “The 200,000 comments in opposition to the rule they dismiss,” says Sonfield. “They pretend to respond directly to them, but they actually don’t.” The only change the administration made to the rule is to expand the definition of the workforce the rule applies to — for instance, it now includes contractors.” Up until the very end, Dubya would have made it very clear that the concept of democracy and majority votes do not apply to his presidency – or shall I say reign: Parliamentary votes are dismissed … probably under his own right to conscience.

As per usual when it comes to legislative tactics, it’s more about running around the law than touching on it. The first draft of the bill relied on non-medical – and thus not legally approved – definitions of pregnancy, mainly that it begins at fertilization, dangerously implying that contraception is synonym of abortion.¬† The second draft, currently published, has slightly amended this notion, but broadens the scope in order to protect contractors and practicioners willing to associate the two concepts.¬† More importantly, the moral objection the bill allows – the “right to conscience” – is not strictly restricted to religious belief. In order to protect themselves from a secular, liberal opposition to the legislation, the bill explains that this ‘conscience’ can mean any personal moral commitment, which is a much broader protection that the traditional, run-of-the-mill conscience clauses targeting solely religious and spiritual beliefs. Probably warned by the Prop 8 debacle that exposed the lack of separation between church and state, the Right to Conscience Bill makes sure that even Bush’s atheist friends, all two of them, can oppose any freedom just because they want to, not because God told them to – this excuse was probably getting stale.

So, here we are back to the godforsaken age when women’s bodies were regulated by a dominant force, where women’s health was in the hands of a faith-based industry, and where ‘conscience’ was said to dictate another human right violation. There used to be days when conscience would lead towards revolutionary, progressive movements; when conscience would help you stand anti-war grounds, when it would put your voting ballot against a liberticide governing party, when conscience would strive for equality and human solidarity. Now conscience has been shelved with irrational, divisive, ignorant and health-challenged methods of population control, chaining every aspiration to the wall. In the early 1920s, a young austrian writer, Stefan Zweig, had already denounced the lethal dangers of wild, uncontrolled methods of contraception and abortion (in his novel Twenty-four hours in the life of a woman). With this bill, conscience is only a retroactive method back to a day and age when the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it.

Se mueve, Dubya, se mueve.

Source: Women’s Health News on WordPress /Jezebel / ONTD_political

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