Obama skips church, heads to gym!

President-elect Barack Obama has yet to attend church services since winning the White House earlier this month, a departure from the example of his two immediate predecessors.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are you actually implying that President-Elect Barack Obama has decided to skip spiritual health in favor of physical well-being? Are you saying that he’s trying to stay on top of his game before his introduction on January 20th? NO WAI! Wow, in the days following an economic crisis like we haven’t seen in forty years, this is the type of news that might send the political world into complete overhaul.

Since the passing of Prop 8, we are all having a hard time believing in the practical separation between church and state, so let’s take this article for what it is – serious. According to an aide quoted, Obama is concerned by a possible Lindsay Lohan-scale church attendance his overwhelmingly popular self might draw to his local Chicago church. Because Obama respects his place of worship, he simply chooses to jog around it instead of going inside to read the Holy Scriptures and go blind with paparazzi flashes. Blindness never helped reading the Bible. Apparently, Clinton and W never had to face this issue. They both attended the regular services of their local church before taking up residence in DC. The article seems to draw one conclusion: Obama doesn’t go to church anymore. Here’s mine, try it on for size: Clinton and W were not as popular as Obama. Cue haters asking me to double and triple fact-check.

Here is my favorite part of the article:

On his first day as president-elect, following weeks of Florida recounts and court hearings, Bush went to church with his wife, Laura. They attended an invite-only prayer service on Thursday, Dec. 14, at Tarrytown United Methodist Church. About 300 people attended, including top campaign staff and visiting clergy. During the service, the Rev. Mark Craig, senior pastor at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, told Bush, “You have been chosen by God to lead the people.

This, in my humble opinion, is the precise reason why Barack Obama is choosing to wear sweatpants and a worn-out pair of Reeboks. If this is the legacy he should uphold, better stick to his campaign slogan and change. There is no reason why Barack Obama, democratically elected without any lingering suspicion of fraud nor shady Supreme Court corruption, should publicly and mediatically attend church with his wife, Michelle. Surely attending an invite-only prayer service into a House of God is somehow a little contradictory, if not downright insulting (places of worship are not supposed to be invite-only, are they? Or do they consider Pure Nightclub @ Las Vegas a place of worship?). Praying and reflecting among 300 people is something I might find hard to do, what with the white noise, shoes shuffling on tile floors and children sneezing, you know, that’s why people should always re-arrange their church’s guestlist. Maybe Barack Obama would see that campaign staff with a 24/7 Blackberry connection and visiting clergy from South America as distracting. During the service, a pastor might tell Barack Obama that he has been chosen by God to lead the people, to which, fortunately enough in this day and age, Barack Obama will be able to say that no, he has been chosen by the people, to lead the people, for the people. The main difference between President Bush and President-elect Obama is precisely this little word elect which implies that clergy support could never replace a good old-fashioned ballot.