… and so the insanity never ends. We reported yesterday on Obama picking the paragon of hatred and ignorance that is Rick Warren to speak at his highly expected presidential inauguration; but it’s not January 20th yet, this is still 2008, and George W. Bush is still the president in exercice.

theyd rather let you die than give you any rights.

Pro-Life activisits: they'd rather kill you than let you have any rights.

The newest addition to Bush Jr’s Legislation Wall of Shame is the Right to Conscience bill. It already sounds like something  some fascist militia would cram down your throat until you choke on it.  And you will: this bill will allow a pharmacist to refuse a contraceptive pill prescription in the name of his ‘conscience (understand: belief, faith, spirituality, Bible Camp, etc.) The same way that some doctors have refused to practice abortion because they believed their faith prevailed over the medical oath, this bill will allow any rightwing nutjob in a drugstore to start pedaling backwards on the women’s health bike. Rejoice, my friends, Medieval Times Fair is coming to town. Because it’s now all about timing, the bill will go into effect on January 18th, only days before the new administration comes into office.

As quoted by Women’s Health News, “The administration made almost no substantive changes to the regulation following the period of public comment, says Adam Sonfield, senior public policy associate at the Guttmacher Institute. “The 200,000 comments in opposition to the rule they dismiss,” says Sonfield. “They pretend to respond directly to them, but they actually don’t.” The only change the administration made to the rule is to expand the definition of the workforce the rule applies to — for instance, it now includes contractors.” Up until the very end, Dubya would have made it very clear that the concept of democracy and majority votes do not apply to his presidency – or shall I say reign: Parliamentary votes are dismissed … probably under his own right to conscience.

As per usual when it comes to legislative tactics, it’s more about running around the law than touching on it. The first draft of the bill relied on non-medical – and thus not legally approved – definitions of pregnancy, mainly that it begins at fertilization, dangerously implying that contraception is synonym of abortion.  The second draft, currently published, has slightly amended this notion, but broadens the scope in order to protect contractors and practicioners willing to associate the two concepts.  More importantly, the moral objection the bill allows – the “right to conscience” – is not strictly restricted to religious belief. In order to protect themselves from a secular, liberal opposition to the legislation, the bill explains that this ‘conscience’ can mean any personal moral commitment, which is a much broader protection that the traditional, run-of-the-mill conscience clauses targeting solely religious and spiritual beliefs. Probably warned by the Prop 8 debacle that exposed the lack of separation between church and state, the Right to Conscience Bill makes sure that even Bush’s atheist friends, all two of them, can oppose any freedom just because they want to, not because God told them to – this excuse was probably getting stale.

So, here we are back to the godforsaken age when women’s bodies were regulated by a dominant force, where women’s health was in the hands of a faith-based industry, and where ‘conscience’ was said to dictate another human right violation. There used to be days when conscience would lead towards revolutionary, progressive movements; when conscience would help you stand anti-war grounds, when it would put your voting ballot against a liberticide governing party, when conscience would strive for equality and human solidarity. Now conscience has been shelved with irrational, divisive, ignorant and health-challenged methods of population control, chaining every aspiration to the wall. In the early 1920s, a young austrian writer, Stefan Zweig, had already denounced the lethal dangers of wild, uncontrolled methods of contraception and abortion (in his novel Twenty-four hours in the life of a woman). With this bill, conscience is only a retroactive method back to a day and age when the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it.

Se mueve, Dubya, se mueve.

Source: Women’s Health News on WordPress /Jezebel / ONTD_political