ready to share their IRAs

George W Bush and John McCain: ready to share their IRAs

Lo and behold! The leader of the not-so-free-world, the number one target, one of the most hated politicians has just caught the seasonal bug and managed to sprinkle a little holiday cheer over our charming blonde heads.

In these extremely dire moments, with an economic crisis that may gnaw at our meagre savings for the next five years or so, the conditions laid down by the Worker, Retiree and Employer Recovery Act of 2008 (WRERA) may just as well be the only thing we have left to hold onto. I can’t believe I am actually typing this, but George W. Bush signed the bill yesterday, on Christmas’ Eve, hereby allowing employers to rollover benefits to non-spouse beneficiaries (meaning, couples who didn’t marry or couldn’t marry), including same-sex partners. They could include inherited benefits directly into their individual retirement account (IRA), avoiding immediate taxation.

It seems that the legal barriers between civil unions and marriage are getting a little thinner, and it’s all for the best. So, thank you George W Bush? It still sounds weird, but 2008 has been extremely tough, so I’ll take it.

Reporting this good news has been SaC’s way of wishing y’all a merry, merry festive season!