Considering the sheer audacity of this case I am surprised the consequences have not been more severe. I am saddened to hear about the arrests, and damage caused, but considering that the police department’s reaction was to put a cop that was caught on multiple cell cameras shooting a man in the back [which could have been accidental – since it seems he shot the ground and the bullet ricocheted] in front of a large number of witnesses, on paid administrative leave and letting him resign, I do not particularly blame these folks for causing damage in a demand for justice.

The claim that the man thought he was using his taser instead of his gun sounds ridiculous to this blogger considering tasers are bright yellow and larger, in part to prevent things like this and it is located on the other side of an officer’s belt. Again, to help prevent accidents like this from occurring. Additionally, there does not seem to be any reason for this officer to be pulling his taser as the suspect was already on the ground. I have heard reports that police attempted to coerce people filming into surrendering their cameras, and they claimed the BART cameras caught no part of the action.
It is worrying to me with examples like this one, which is especially brazen, combined with group arrests outside of the conventions, raids on groups critical of police brutality/behaviors, no knock warrants, and the encouragement and funding of military style SWAT/riot police in the name of the War on Drugs, where exactly this country is headed.

The police are supposed to function as public servants to protect and serve, not act like they just moved out of Bludhaven’s finest, where the police corruption was so through, the good cops had to hide that they weren’t dirty. I am frankly getting disgusted at the degree to which real life continues to echo the comics I read, with Katrina turning into No Man’s Land, and Detroit, and New Orleans, among others, continuing to line up to be considered third world cities.

As more and more citizens begin to fear the police, our society will become less secure, and it will encourage the police to continue mobilizing into military style unit, and perhaps draw the National Guard as a policing agency into play. I know this sounds rather paranoid on my part, but I’d rather be proven wrong, then unprepared when the SHTF.