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BART Police Chief Gary Gee said his department did not make a recommendation on whether charges should be filed against Johannes Mehserle. I am shocked by this. 😐

I’m probably going to piss some people off here – but I would rather not see this become solely about a white guy shot a black guy because I think the larger issue here is that a cop shot someone IN FRONT OF A FUCKING CROWD of people. Perhaps he felt more justified because it was an African American man? I have no idea since he didn’t show up to explain what happened, resigned, and is claiming his 5th amendment rights currently.

I want this to be a poster case for police officers being held accountable for their actions, and I am afraid if this becomes solely about race, it will be swept under the rug, and simply pulled out as one of those, well, it was horrible, but it only happens to X people and not us.

I am happy To see people still showing up to demand a result and People dismissing the taser defense.

Though I want to mention a point here, I don’t think the training of the officers is lacking, this is seriously a incredibly vile case of, what the motherfuck? and I don’t think it was a lack of training that caused it. I think was a lack of proper screening.

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There are currently one man in prison for life for shooting Drug officers on no-knock warrants at houses with little or no drugs on the premise, because the men felt they were defending their homes. This guy shot a man in front of his fellow officers, trains full of people, it was caught on multiple cameras, and still they aren’t sure about charges. And of course, at least one article will end with someone saying what a nice guy he was, because even if someone rapes babies, there will always be someone willing to give them a character reference and pretend they didn’t know someone was a psychopath.

I want this to become a test case because this shit keeps happening! People keep being shot by the police in ridiculous ways! It happens all over the drug war, and they go almost unnoticed. Notice this America. Notice it, and say something.