Jan 20th soon! I hope Bush can’t get his last minute crap into the Register, because as long as it doesn’t show up, it can be ignored. Bush and Co. did it with Clinton.

First news:

Johannes Mehserle was arrested This is the man that shot Oscar Grant on the train platform.

“We had that under control,” he said, adding, “We used technology.”

Translation: Someone was still using their cell phone.

I see in the comments lots of people are starting to back the officer, which is interesting since Fark was mostly not. Farkers tend to distrust the police though, so that could be why.

Obama could reverse Bush’s stem cell policy

I’ll be happy to see this one overturned. I’m a little peeved that they even bothered with the religious response, it worries me when bio-ethicists are also pastors. Ethics shouldn’t be about what comes out of the bible – it should be about making sure science is used responsibly.

Dr Evans points out that there are adult sources of stem cells such as bone marrow which avoid the moral issues.

Right, just because they found a way around the edicts they were forced to work with does not mean it is the best solution, and if people will take five seconds to note, Using embryos donated through IVF treatment scientists have coaxed the stem cells inside into many types of tissue they were being flushed anyway!

I’m not a big fan of people living forever, and I’m not even sure we can keep that kind of thing up anyway, but helping people who have broken their spines with embryo cells is fine by me. You really have to push it to make me think using cells that are in their very first development stage is some monster crime.

I’m hoping he kicks out a lot of things, especially all those fucking abstinence only clauses Bush stuck on foreign aide. GIVE PEOPLE CONDOMS YOU RATFUCKERS.