1. Yes, Yes, I hear you saying but that link says Fox News, whatever are you on about?
    Just read it, it’s hilarious! Oh no think of the children that might somehow sneak into the gay themed parties and balls that require things like tickets. AND WE’RE TELLING EVERYONE AT OUR CHURCH WHERE YOUR GAY LEATHER BALL IS BEING HELD! Is there anyone in America who is unaware of what gays do? I was under the impression that 190% of the reason people were homophobic was because they thought gay sex was gross. I guess the internet has failed everyone with a lack of fisting pictures.
  2. Look! An AG candidate who says waterboarding is torture and America should not use it! He even said *gasp* no one is above the law.
  3. I for one am shocked I tell you! SHOCKED! that the army is lowering their standards to continue to meet their recruitment needs. I mean why wouldn’t people be jumping to join the military so they can, wait, what did you say? Get shot at and die?
  4. However to make up for this Obama is going to get rid of that fucking DADT policy so they stop kicking out everyone who speaks Arabic for being a fag. I remember way back in the good old days when the war first started, and I was in California visiting Star City, reading an article mentioning how they seemed to toss out people left and write for daring to speak and translate Arabic and also suck cock. I laughed, because what else can one do when you realize, holy shit, we’re run by fucking idiots. /sigh/

    Before CA I was in the unnamed state of hell and incest relationships, and I remember arguing with many people that of course, Bush was going to invade Iraq! Saddam has threatened his daddy! No one believed me. Fools. I did get to meet a redneck Canadian however, which was akin to when I found out Canada had an army in shocking events for me.

  5. Speaking of Canada they are making Obama a mixed CD*! If the Arrogant Worms and the War of 1812 aren’t on there at least 3 times I will be seriously pissed. Quel dommage [This blog, like Canada is bilingual! K is French in fact**] there is only the one AW song! Everyone go and vote immediately for Canada is Really Big.

    *I wonder how long it will take for the CRIA to attempt to sue Canada? [CRIA is Canada’s answer to the RIAA because Canada was simply too awesome, so they had to let some douchebags in.]
    ** K is Irish, this is to see if she is paying attention. She does speak French however, and I speak some bastard form of it on occasion.

  6. Side note: The RIAA is discussing monitoring people’s actual computers to get around that pesky encryption problem. I see this ending well. Now I am reading about a wifi fridge. I must learn to stay off tech sites.
  7. Bulgaria is a series of toilets I have to ponder what a map of America would look like. PA would be a giant pothole. Florida would on fire.

Finally, and dearest to my heart, one half of the men [Shuster] who invented Superman apparently used to draw fetish art on the side. This is shocking to no one under the age of 70 years old, but it’s nice to know the long grand tradition of comic book writers/artists being awesome and hilarious upholds.