Has anyone read American Theocracy: The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21stCentury?

New gay sex allegations against Haggard

You would think this man would fucking stop if he knew there was yet another person waiting in the wings. Why do people always shoot themselves in the foot like that? I honestly do not understand the power religion has in this country, no matter what these guys do, it’s hand waved over and over. [Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual lest you think I would dare insult a man of god]

Thank you, Mr. President [and how excited am I that I finally type something like that again?]

Obama tossed out Bush’s ban on granting federal money to groups that support or perform abortion internationally. I’m very happy, I was hoping this was one of the things he would immediately bin.

Supporters of the ban say that the United States still provides millions of dollars in family planning assistance around the world and that the rule prevents anti-abortion taxpayers from backing something they believe is morally wrong.

And it also prevents me, a firm supporter of the right to choice from backing something I think is fundamentally important to the rights of women everywhere. And also, screw you assholes, the same people who parade around how dare we force taxpayers to fund abortions [maybe] are the same ones who insist on all the war funding needed. [I’m not much better supporting abortion and being against the war, but let’s all be honest about it here.]

TARP Map Hilariously, John Thain seems to have pulled a move [after he tastefully fully wasted 1.22 million redecorating his office] with bonuses at Merrill Lynch that means BOA ended up inadvertently using 75% of that 20 bn helper bonus to pay bonuses out to employees who *ta da* performed badly. [See: Company collapsing and losing 21 billion dollars and the government forced BOA to take it over by promising money to cover Thain’s bullshit decision making.] I’m not clear how much blame Ken Lewis has at this point, but fuck me, it’s like dominoes.

What I find most bizarre is after a clear pattern that CEOs rip off companies, sometimes into the ground, people still insinst ridiculous paychecks are worthwhile. Thain was brought in because the previous CEO was incompetent! Why the hell did Yahoo offer its latest CEO 38 million dollars? She froze all the salaries, and started cutting benefits, I’d say that was worth a million dollars right there for her genius.

Perhaps more importantly, the slow process could be a sign that the shrunken Republican Party — with its core of determined conservatives intact — won’t be a pushover for the new president.

Just die off already. The democrats may suck, but your party is literally a vile piece of shit. You represent nothing but greed, hypocrisy, the filth of liars and the ignorant damned. You aren’t showing your strength, I’m not impressed by your vows to fight another day. Split the hell up, and serve something besides your own festering corpses.

As an intro to a later topic: One of the financial news guys touted medical marijuana and said American needed a bong break. I’m not done with my drug coverage posts yet, but seriously, we need to start taking a look at this. The best way to fight the Mexican cartel that is trashing our federal lands in CA, stop sending money over to terrorists [assuming weed is even doing that – which is most likely isn’t] bring in tax dollars, help the sick, and cut down on drug costs is to fucking legalize marijuana already.

The War on Drugs failed. Let’s try something else.