It ain’t over till it’s over. And even when it’s over, you can always try to make it last a little more. Even if no one else wants you to.

I wish this was a fake cover. Alas, it isnt.

I wish this was a fake cover. Alas, it isn't.

CNN Political Ticker has reported that Sarah Palin just launched her own political action committee. If this makes you fear for the worse, it’s perfectly justified. Appropriately named “SarahPAC” (sic), the group is meant to support local political activisits all over the great nation supporting and upholding Palin’s ideas.  Despite not being registered with the Federal Election Commission yet, the website went live on Monday and is already asking for your money. Said website says that the Alaska Governor is “a strong voice for energy independence and reform.”

A spokesperson confirmed to CNN that the former vice-presidential candidate was indeed milking her fifteen minutes of fame for all they were worth. “The PAC is a smart thing to do because she’s getting so many speaking requests still, so if she gets a request from, say, Bob McDonnell in Virginia, she could do that travel out of her PAC money.” In a previous post, we expressed our unconceited joy and blissful hope at soon reaching out for a Sarah Palin Memoir book on our nearest bookstore’s shelves, but this time, it certainly does feel like Palin overload. I am certainly slightly nauseated at the idea that more financial support will be given to local Palinvists, all over the country, in case her attempt to justify domestic terrorism on NBC wasn’t bad enough as it was.

Because Sarah Palin is the voice of a generation, she also announced the launch of SarahPAC through her official Facebook page. I have to say that I had to look this up myself, as I would certainly not believe that Sarah Palin would spend hours checking relationship status changes on Facebook, let alone would friend the polit… pol… governor.  The new announcement reads: ” Hi Friends, I wanted you to be the first to know that I’ve launched my new political action committee, SarahPAC, today. Visit and stay tuned for updates.” This announcement has been made to a whopping 465,231 supporters (among which some dutiful CNN bloggers, I assume) . The domain name was registered with Campaign Solutions, a web consulting firm that had already earned the trust of John McCain in the past, and is said to expire… in 2012.

This is bad. This is really bad. Rehearsing all the Palin quotes she was gracious enough to dose us with during the campaign won’t suffice to cheer us up. I could rant for hours about her insulting vision of feminism, but even that won’t make me feel any better. I am afraid we’ve reached the Palin bottom of things, when the possibility of her gathering enough financial support to become a sort of viable candidate for the next presidential term is becoming a reality. I also do not want to think of the next four years she will spend on the road supporting any abortion clinic bomber, panting down any rape victim’s neck so they cough up the money for their rape kit, and putting her foot down the door to diplomatic relations in the Middle East.  I thought my house was too far west from Russia to see Sarah Palin peeking out of her window again, but I’m afraid that unless someone manages to take down with some virus (hopefully named “maverick”), she will stay on our radar. Until 2012.

Oh dear. Oh dear.