Christian Bale, working on taxcuts.

Christian Bale, working on taxcuts.

This week, a leaked tape has made the rounds on the internet, providing the young and urban crowd with more cult material. No, it wasn’t a sextape. The audio file of Christian Bale ranting out at the director of photography, a man named Bruce, calls him an amateur, and insulting him for over three minutes for walking on the set, distracting Bale from his important job as an actor. In the background, we can hear the director trying to reason Bale, feebly, pleading for a break, and probably praying for this all to be over.  We are only hoping that, at this stage, President Obama will side with Christian Bale. Let’s face it: the general reaction to the reworking of the stimulus package left the same bitter, angry, and desperate impression. Distracting, nerve-wracking, unnerving, and seriously, fucking amateur.

Paul Krugman is also shaking his head in disbelief. He agrees that the fuss made over the stimulus package by the resident Republicans in the House was distracting, to say the least, just as distracting from the situation – a simmering economic crisis that could as well become the new Great Depression – as a walking DP on the set of an intense scene. We may know what their names are, we may not exactly know who hired them; all we know, is that what should have been an inclusive, collective, collegial consensus on the ways to possibly fix this giant mess turned into a childish and petty fight over half a popsicle. The determination to obtain a rewrite from the Obama Administration, delaying the moment of implementation and aggravating pounding headaches was indeed worth a “bale-out”. Let’s just not take five, should we? Let’s just go at it again. Let’s work, and let’s be able to work on something decent here.

Thing is, this entire crisis sounded like a joke, from the get-go. The real estate bubble bursted and created a domino effect, not just throughout the United States, but throughout the world. Somewhere in the middle, irresponsible and immature speculation forgot that globalization also meant co-dependance. Everything we had ever heard in terms of harsh criticism, borderline communism, conspiracy theory and anarchism has suddenly exploded in our faces, in the light of a truth we simply never wanted to hear: not only did we screw up, but we screwed up ourselves, everyone we know, their moms, their distant relatives, their kindergarten friends, and some folks in another continent we would have never heard of if it wasn’t for Facebook. Yet, a cacophonic cohort of Republicans are howling at wasteful governmental expenses and scream for more taxcuts. Such are the wonders of the perpetually unsatisfied. The failure of the subprimes and mortgage credits was predictable. A complete lack of government intervention means free reigns on money transfers. 1992 taught us that a government should never leave Wall Street completely unattended. A blind eye was turned, and the Amber Alert was called on our hard-earned paychecks, retirement savings, health care benefits and mortgage payments. Our whole lives, blown up in smoke. One conclusion: the previous idea didn’t work, but before trying another one, let’s clean up this mess.

economic hotline.

Barack Obama: economic hotline.

Sadly enough, some PR whispered in Christian Bale’s ears that his attitude wasn’t respectful; and despite its recent success as a dance hit, the “bale-out” hysteria came to an end the second Bale apologized for his rant. After gaining so much support from his grassroots fanbase and even the film director himself, Bale decided to take it down a notch, trying to appease the angry voices. We disagree – respectfully, of course. Likewise, Barack Obama tried his best to make everyone feel respected, included, ensuring everyone’s names were on the guest list, listening to any advice or opinion in the room – including Rush Limbaugh’s, whose point of view we could all honestly do without. It’s a good thing to have the opposition walk on set, mind you, and to let them feel they’re just as important as the majority in the global theater of politics. They are, indeed – it’s the fundamental, core principle of democracy. However, Obama needs to take the reigns. It no longer is about playing checkers with Nancy Pelosi. Action has to be taken, and it has to be taken now. Krugman was hardly exaggerating when depicting this generation as victims of “shattered optimism”.  The Federal Reserve cut back on interest rates, but this didn’t stop the economy from prolonging its downfall into the abyss. The “Buy American” trend that had saved the automobile industry in the past won’t jump-start a skeptical consumer already on the brink of losing his house.

That is precisely the reason why I don’t think Christian Bale should apologize for exploding into rage. We’re all falling extremely close to becoming american psychos ourselves. Barack Obama won the election. His administration has the qualifications and the experience to draft a proposal capable of redressing the wheel, if only a little. Let’s face it: it won’t fix it. We are way beyond the possibilities of a healing process. Yet it has become painfully obvious that standing in the way of an immediate plan would decrease, if not suppress, the odds of seeing any improvement. There is no time for dance steps, for waltzing with John McCain’s speech on Obama’s dangerous inexperience. This is not about the GOP’s future, it’s about the nation’s future, and that of all the Obama must now walk them out of the set. A plan might be drastic, radical, controversial – and it should be. Believing into endless negotiations and talks in the name of an economic ideology that had already proved itself wrong and irresponsible will not stop the country’s downward spiral.  Let’s just not waste any time in apologies or endless protocol. Let’s do another take, and this time, let’s not have Limbaugh walk all over the set to fix the lights, shall we?

So, you still think about another rewrite? OOOOOOOH, GOOOOOOD FOR YOUUUUUU.