Look at all the completely awesome kids who went out and demonstrated against Fred Phelps. Keep it up!

Several students were taking donations for AIDS research with a goal of raising $250 for every minute the Phelps group stood across the street.

That’s the best way to go about it!

This is an excellent article about conservatism that I think everyone should read. It gives a very good overview of what the term originally meant, and how the party changed into what it is currently. If you don’t believe him about the competitive nature of the Republican party look at this guy basically say the GOP can use the Taliban as an example of how to be an insurgency if that’s not combative language, I don’t know what is.

President can’t tell businesses that take federal money to cap salary and CEO perks because the President gets free perks like security and an airplane.

This ranked pretty high as one of the funniest things I’ve seen this week.

A 60 year old woman in Alberta gave birth to twins Augh. Seriously, this kind of mis-use of fertility treatments is insane. [You could argue they are all insane.] Though clearly I’m just jealous at all the attention that woman who gave birth to 8 babies is getting. I really think these people need psychological help. I’m actually really curious as to who is going to pay the hospital bill of the woman with 8 babies, since CA is kind of broke. I’ve seen many people suggest that the hospital might comp them for the free publicity, but I’ve spoken with a few people who work in management at hospitals and they sounded really doubtful about that given that the cost will likely exceed a 1 million dollars during a period when a number of hospitals have a hiring freeze in place.

In Batman news, the only real news….

Val Kilmer is thinking about running for governor of New Mexico on a pro-living in a cave stance

Christian Bale said he regretted yelling at that DP guy for fucking up his shot while playing the savior of us all, John Conner. I’m not sure why he’s apologizing exactly to the public, it’s not like he smoked pot at a private party, or like people didn’t already know he’s a rage filled lunatic. I’m also thinking he should apologize to the guy he yelled at and threatened to have fired, but I doubt he regrets it that much.

I’m sad I have nothing to mention about George Clooney here. Is Michael Keaton even still alive? Okay, imdb says he is doing voice work. I always thought that would be the coolest job.