Today’s topic is so random and out of the blue, the only possible explanation for this desperate plea for attention is Gossip Girl currently enjoying a relative hiatus. Boredom has indeed hit several Tennessee lawmakers as they started a bid to destitute President Obama, hardly a month into the Oval Office, by trying to prove he is not a natural born citizen – and thus could not be legally elected as President.

If memory doesn’t fail us, a similar attempt to delegitimize President Obama’s election had been rejected by the Supreme Court in December. Back then, the allegation that Obama was not born on US territory had been widely rejected as foolish and, let’s face it, terribly ignorant. Although apologies were not made to the state of Hawaï, the idea was quickly buried into sand, until another desperate neo-con claimed that the swear-in ceremony wasn’t valid. It is turning into a running joke as every move he makes and every word he says is scrutinized and overanalyzed under the lightning bulb of jealousy, desperation, and overzealous imagination.

An association called Defend Our Freedoms (sic) led by Russian-born dentist Orly Taitz is now filing another suit, saying that if kids had to show up to their first Little League meeting with a birth certificate, so should the President. A  very unfortunate claim that has sadly been backed up by several Tennessee Representatives, namely, and for the purpose of a future wall of shame: House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-College Grove; Rep. Eric Swafford, R-Pikeville; Rep. Frank Nicely, R-Strawberry Plains; and Rep. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville, all say that in the general interest of the American people, Obama should “just prove where he was born, so we can all move on”. Yes, wouldn’t we want that? It seems that Defend Our Freedoms have forgotten that the Constitutional clause they say has been disregarded in this election is attached to a warrant of eligibility by the Congress.

has watched way too many mexican telenovelas.

Orly Taitz: has watched way too many mexican telenovelas.

In the interest of egalitarian satire, let’s mention that John McCain was once under the same microscope as the former presidential candidate was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Lawyers ended up deciding that even if the Panama Canal is outside the continental territory of the United States, a “natural-born citizen” could also imply a child born from US citizens.  This interpretation of the Founding Father’s decision has been the subject of a paper in the Michigan Law Review, that declares “No matter how one defines the identity, McCain is patently American”. More importantly, the topic of popular legitimacy, supposedly the paramount ideology behind any democratic election, emphasized by the highest rank of Commander-in-Chief, seems to be put on a par with constitutional requirements. Spiro explains that “Given that reality, it makes little sense to exact the theoretically steep price of the eligibility threshold: depriving the American people of a candidate that they would otherwise select as their chief executive. Assuming the democratic process reflects aggregate preferences, the eligibility criterion leads to second-best results.”

Some would argue that karma is finally getting the Democrats after years of pointing a very accusatory finger at George W. Bush, calling him an usurpator. If the Supreme Court ordered that infamous recount in Bush Jr’s case, Obama’s victory never raised any doubts in anyone’s mind. Following Spiro’s logic, his eligibility should have been questioned when running for presidency, not after the election, when the people’s decision overrules constitutional provisions. What makes this suit useless and ridiculous is that Obama had already answered such claims during the campaign: he uploaded his certificate of live birth on the website, that has been authenticized, and proving he was indeed born on the island of Oahu in Hawaï.  No one’s denying the existence of this certificate, not even the aforementioned representatives:  Rep. Casada said, “I know he’s got it. I know he’s an American citizen, but let’s just get this thing out there and let’s put everbody’s mind at ease.” Which makes us go back to the fact this lawsuit is probably not legitimate, and not eligible for real legal consideration. This is born out of sheer boredom, which we had hoped wasn’t part of US politics territory.

Most Democrat representatives mocked the claim, like any intelligent person would do, resuming the course of their lives mere seconds after finding out about it. However, it infuriated some, obviously at their patience’s ends with Tennessee’s refusal to admit the truth.“What’s wrong with the Republican Party?” Rep. Miller, D-Memphis, said. “There’s always something coming out of the Republican Party in the state of Tennessee, something racist, something goofy. What is the mentality of these kind of people who continuously make these kind of goofy statements?” Terribly embarassed by the actions of his fellow state members, Miller thinks Tennessee is going to become a national joke. It could as well become so if Taitz and her cohort of medieval heathens stuck in the five stages of grief persist in their ridiculous endeavour.

Because humoring the village idiot is the path of least resistence, the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, which is running a political fact check center, has agreed to look at Barack Obama’s allegedly dubious eligibility. The answer was clear: “Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.” Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, issued a statement saying she personally verified Obama’s certificate and stressed it had been written in accordance with state laws. Just when you think people in Tennessee should be the target of specific anti-drug policies, Taitz lifted the veil on her real beliefs and intentions behind that claim. They are not legal, they are not constitutional, and have absolutely nothing to do with a determination to make democracy prevail in a nation where the rule of law is paramount to the respect of civil liberty. Taitz has an agenda, and does not shy away from expressing it.

Dr. Taitz posted a statement on her Web site that “Obama’s Communist, Radical Muslim, Chicago Mafia style thugs are attacking 4 courageous TN State representatives.” Oh, so racism, bigotry, intolerance, narrow-mindedness and utter spite for the democratic regime are the reason to commit slander, then.