Rush Limbaugh is the future of the conservative moment huh? That drug addicted, multi-marrying, professional lying, piece of shit is the new face of American conservatism? The party of morality and God? Let me take a long moment to reflect before I dissolve into laughter. I was waiting for the party to fail, but this one last gasp is sad.

Let us cry that we should cater to the average, after all there are so many more of them and they are the ones that…no wait, they aren’t the ones that made the country great. It’s the extraordinary people that make a mark. It’s not the Jones and the Smiths fighting over which one has a bigger television set. Government is incredibly complicated and we elect people based on nothing more than name recognition. The fact that it functions at all is mystery.

Now about the calls for Obama to fail. Are you that petty, Rush? You want your party to come out on top so badly that you would damn the fucking country just to make people turn back to your ways? Because frankly from where I’m standing, libertarians are looking like they will be getting increased legalized prostitution, marijuana, and other fun things passed. I don’t see the Republicans winning in the end no matter what happens. Furthermore, when Bush invaded Iraq, I knew it was going to happen. As soon as I heard the words, “He tried to kill my dad,” I thought, ‘oh shit,’ and then the talk of WMDs circled.

I knew that was a lie, there were several inspectors saying, loudly, that wasn’t true, it was being misrepresented, the claim was wrong. I thought, ‘please be right, please be right, please don’t let us get into a war based on a goddamn lie.’ I didn’t think, I hope he’s lying so all his opposition looks better by comparison. All of America suffers when our leaders falter, not just their party, we all have to watch our government ignore us, and carry on with plans that screw us. Stop arguing about which party carries the way of salvation, and START CLEANING UP THE MESS BOTH YOU FUCKERS MADE.

As for your party, I pointed to an article before that defined what Edmund Burke meant when he invented conservatism. He called for the radical, for the change, for the revolution of ideas to make things better. He didn’t call for the status quo to drown us all. Rush Limbaugh shames the name of conservatism. Damn you all, and die so I can see some effort. Where are the real conservatives? Have they all been beaten back with a stick?

New and better policies, fiscal conservancy, personal freedom, and a renewed grasp of privacy rights are what the Right need. Instead they cling to outdated model of vicious infighting, and word ideology fights because they don’t want to take the difficult road, the one that requires education, and planning. They want to run a campaign designed to seek the low, not to aim for the high.

In other words, stop cock blocking the democrats out of spite, you sore losers. You fucked up, now fucking make up for it, and maybe you can have some of your toys back. Impress some people with your decency, your call for revitalizing the government, find a new way. If the new face of your party is a schism-loving idiot who can’t follow most of your own fucking policies, aren’t you ashamed?

Pick your panel America

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