See, North Carolina has decided to upgrade the level of social insanity and random persecution of women today. With each step forward the Obama Administration is taking towards democratizing familial planning and sex education, three steps back are taken with each Republican Senator willing to take the stand. North Carolina Senator Jim DeMint is stepping up to the plate and promises a 900% inflation on contraception for college students.

do not be fooled by Jim DeMints smile: hes probably drafting a Affordable Burqa Act as we speak.

do not be fooled by Jim DeMint's smile: he's probably drafting a Affordable Burqa Act as we speak.

Yes, nine hundred percent rise in the price of contraception.  DeMint is hoping to remove the Affordable Birth Control Act (such a thing existed, probably to protect this demographic to which I belong from having to regress to medieval techniques of birth control) in order to make contraception simply impossible to obtain. DeMint is therefore targeting a demographic that by definition has little or no income, is already in debt, and  relying from on-campus health centers, themselves depending on federal funding.  A 900% raise implies that abstinence should prevail, or else…! We do know that high fees act as a barrier to obtaining care. That is classically understood in campus health services,” said Claudia Covello, director at the University of California-Berkeley’s health center. If Jim DeMint wanted to significantly increase the number of unplanned pregnancies and unwanted abortions, he wouldn’t do it any other way. Although something tells me he is going to make sure abortion is not happening anywhere anytime soon.

Those intimidating techniques, worthy of any totalitarian regimes, have been countered in the past. In 2005, the Bush Administration – to which we all seem to go back to, like the dark days of the black plague – had attempted to cut down on federal funding to universities on their discount drug program, increasing the prices of the most prescribed drugs, contraceptives, by 10%. Most schools had tried to find the flaw in the system, directly appealing to the HHS to be back on the discount drug program roster. Operatives played deaf, ignored the requests, no matter how insistant. Jim DeMint is trying to justify his stalinian inflation on contraceptive drugs by campaigning against the very providers of care, the health centers themselves, claiming that upon their return on the drug discount program, they will keep on charging the same prices and keep the benefits in their pockets. Money laundering and Ponzi schemes are so frequent nowadays it is hardly a mistake on his part to believe some of us could actually buy this theory.

The Republicans would do anything to counter-attack Obama’s attempts at bi-partisanship, regardless of how deadly, fatal, and alienating their decisions are. North Dakota trying to overturn Roe vs Wade was supposed to be an isolated and badly thought-out incident, but violations of constitutional rights have become the only tool the GOP is willing to use in its irrational rejection of the newly elected President. It started with Sarah Palin criticizing mainstream media and accusing them of a mysogynistic conspiracy; it continued with Chris Buttars believing in a conspirational pro-gay nationwide agenda aimed at shutting any republican dissent; it’s now carrying on with the persecution and restriction of care for hundreds of thousands of women whose only mistake was to receive an education. There is no financial reasoning or even social upheaval in this decision. Refusing women the right to determine their own future is a deliberate attempt at shifting the Republican’s party movement to the extreme right, in a bid to gather the most aggressive neo-conservatives against a President they want so desperately to fail.

I will never say this enough: Jon Huntstman Jr was right. It is time for the GOP to breathe a new air into its derelict lungs, and believe in the possibility of social progress without necessarily having to auction the last remains of ideology the party has. Young people, and especially college educated men and women do have a voting ballot, and they’ve largely, collectively and wisely used it in favour of the Democrats last November. Always the last ones in line to learn a lesson, the Republicans have chosen to turn their backs on the only demographic susceptible to change their minds in the upcoming decades. By willingly creating a situation in which one has no choice but to break the law in order to have a not-too-mediocre quality of life, DeMint is widening the gap even further. This is not just a generational issue anymore – it’s a gender issue, a human rights issue, it’s an ethical issue, and it just so happens those three pillars are those missing from the Republican pantheon.

As added by lavenderfrost on ontd_political: this is a serious issue, one you do want people to care about. Be pro-active. Be involved. Call your Senator and ask him/her to make sure the Affordable Birth Control Act goes back on Obama’s desk. You want to make sure the President keeps educated women on his side.