Looks like the military is still kicking people out for being gay, despite recent lowering of standards to maintain adequate recruitment levels. You don’t have to graduate high school, or have a GED any more! The Army will take you. Even in a failing economy, people still don’t want to be shot at, which is shocking, I admit. Lowering IQ and educational standards is the way to go!

Of course, it could also be the vast number of stories of soldiers coming back from Wars I & II crippled, maimed, or psychologically damaged, and being ignored by the VA and the military that is supposed to provide for them. In my case, I just don’t really like being shouted at by idiots, unless it’s on the internet. I don’t want to mix my hobby with my job. [Note: This is a reference to drill instructors. I am not calling everyone in the military an idiot.]

Now, I understand that the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy only applies to soldiers who either come out directly to their supervisors, or are caught having fun time, as I’ve seen individuals mention being in the military, even as part of a couple, with no repercussions, but continuing a policy that sets a soldier up for blackmail and a double life is still a failing policy.

Frankly, with all the other problems the military has, gay wo/men should be the least of their worries, especially considering the large number of Arab translators and intelligence officers they keep dumping. Honestly, I don’t think a dismissal of this policy will cause that many issues. There are already [and have always been] gay soldiers. Sure, some guys might feel a little comfortable in the showers, but maybe that will make them think twice before they attack female soldiers behind the latrines.

It’s time for this policy to be disbanded. The fact that we’ve been throwing out valuable soldiers for the past decade while conducting two wars, and various related skirmishes is incredibly ridiculous. This needs to be done now, before we have to lower the standards to include people who dropped out of junior high. We’re bribing immigrants with green cards already. Also, while I am on the subject – talk to the wo/men in the field about what kind of body armor they want, I bet you will learn a thing or two but wasteful spending. It’s not helping them much if they are taking half of it off because it gets in their way.

Reasonable policies oh government of mine. Try it out.