Firstly, I want to see if K will swear at me for this. I honestly have no idea what to make of this article, other than the English really want to piss off the French.

To sum-up, a large amount of the bonuses AIG is paying out will be going to the people who caused the problem in the first place which does make sense if you think they probably contracted at higher rates because they were bringing in more money, previously, at higher rates due to a larger involved risk. I’m choosing to find humor in the situation ie, you can be rewarded for failure! instead of choosing to set something on fire.

In South Africa, where gay marriage is legal, lesbians are being targeted as part of a campaign to rape them straight. That society has two classes [Rich and/or well-educated – ones who legalized gay marriage as part of the equality stance and poor and/or uneducated- the ones who did not. Before I hear, no, the rich are the racist white people, most of them left and went to Texas. Trust me, I’ve met lots of them in awkward situations like Thanksgiving dinner where I try to sit as far away as possible while still being the room.] that are such diametric opposites of each other, I have no idea how it functions.

I’m also not clear who would take the idea that raping someone would make them want dick in the future and run with it. Real life isn’t Preacher. Maybe this is the same rumor mill that produced the sleeping with virgins cures AIDS wisdom.

[To be fair: I also have no idea how Uzbekistan functions either, since it’s my understanding the housing prices alone are equal to standard pay, so you have to live with someone else so the other person can buy the food. I think their economy must be some sort of prank. I was told Greece is similar. Ours is a better run prank I suppose. Larger prank?]

People who are aware of my survival paranoia can guess how thrilled I am to see this. I hope this trend continues in the future to help offset the loss of farm land we’ve caused in the past by converting it over to build McMansions that are being abandoned in huge numbers. As population grows in urban and the closely surrounding areas, personal gardens, and community growth projects, will be a fantastic way to help meet needs for fresh vegetables. No, I don’t work for a garden supply company, but if they want to hire me, I’d love it.