Keeping it classy in Washington, as ever, Republicans have decided to give their archenemy President Obama a break and took on a new prey – his wife. More precisely, they want to make sure she is not going to meddle in the White House affairs any more than she already is, fearing she might sprinkle some marxism on top of the already way-too-socialist Obama cupcake.

Michelle Obama: not amused by the Donna Reed show.

Michelle Obama: not amused by the Donna Reed show.

Back under the Clinton Administration, Hilary Clinton had been at the center of a Republican-engineered controversy surrounding the Health Care Task Force.  The former First Lady had taken a non-negligeable part in the business meetings and the negotiations as such – a First Lady – which irked the Republicans, who sued in order to get said Task Force recognized as an outside consulting company, with its costs attached, and not a presidential committee. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Clintons, arguing that the First Lady is a functional White House staffer, despite not being on the payroll. Put simply, the First Lady does have a role in political affairs, is sort of a “free consultant” to her husband, something that, really, we had all come to assume was the regular, normal way of White House life. However, Laura Bush was hardly any Hilary, and eight years in the White House with a First Lady that was more Martha Stewart than Madeleine Allbright is making Michelle Obama look like the Second Coming.

In order to maintain those First Ladies back where they belong – which is, according to the Republicans, far away from the Oval Office as possible – Californian Congressman Darrell Issa is trying, for the upteenth time, to “restore honor” to the White House with an introduction bill. Granted, his idea is hardly new and thus can’t be targeted at Michelle Obama personally, but is resurfacing in times when it is obvious the First Lady won’t spend her days at the park feeding the pigeons. “We are trying actually to protect the historic role of the first lady. I believe this is open government at its finest.” Issa can not stress enough the fact he aligned his bill on the transparency policy Obama intends on practising throughout his term. The question remains as to how or why would the role of the First Lady be hidden within a pile of paperwork. Barack Obama has never made any secret that Michelle remained his number one advisor. The Harvard graduate and former hospital administrator is qualified enough to give an enlightened and perhaps enlightening opinion on matters that the Republicans might care about – which may be exactly the reason why they are trying to make sure she knows her place.

Next on the political agenda of Republicans who find it hard to actually dismount Obama from his proverbial horse: making sure the presidential daughters no longer attend a school that could teach them “substantive” progressive ideas in the name of “restoring the historical role” of presidential offsprings. (*)

(*) the Kennedys were a blot on US history. The Bushes paved the way.