Writing about Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter is never easy on the soul and the mind. It is a gradually regressive exercize that requires extreme self-control and all the remains of christian compassion one could possibly muster in this day and age. It came to the point when one finds themselves wishing they had never appeared on the political sphere in the first place, even if this means reducing the number of leading women in politics. Better have nothing than having to resort to Elizabeth Hasselbeck-type of rhethoric. Safe in Angela Merkel’s shadow, we retreated in our safe european home, until Israel shows us the new way to get rid of unwanted women: just take them out!

Mind you, we’re not talking about murder sprees, but rather the subtle and modern use of Photoshop. Two women have made their way into the new coalition government led by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. This wasn’t to the delight of ultra-conservative audiences,  catered to by daily publication Yater Neeman, which simply erased Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver from the picture.  According to Jewish orthodox morale, pictures of women are just “immodest”. To hell with all of those arrogant women who dared working their way into a government!  Yater Neeman moved two male ministers instead, a more politically correct vision of what an official government picture should look like.  Shaa Tova, a weekly publication, was a little less subtle and just blacked them out, hereby implying that one would rather not have any regalian functions inside a government than having women overseeing them. Said holed-up picture was reprinted the following week by more mainstream daily newspaper Maariv.

Tzipi Livni, campaigning against Netanyahu, saw her campaign posters constantly defaced. Next time her press relations advisor will probably use a Little Miss Lucky hand-drawn picture instead, in order to preserve Israel’s level of morality and commitment to modernity, equality, and basic human rights.


before and after