As much as this blog tends to appear enamored with run-on sentences and the beauty of political ranting, and as much as we have supported long-winded arguments over the months we have existed on the web, I feel compelled to make this post short and to the point for two reasons: one, it is about Rush Limbaugh, and this is never a topic on which it pleases me to dwell. Two, the matter at hand is important enough not to call for a pseudo-witty introductive commentary.

Shane Murphy was second-in-command on one of the ships Somali pirates took hostage last month. Shortly released and interviewed about his newfound freedom, Murphy was quick to point out his anger and frustration at the well-known überconservative commentator. Murphy didn’t rant at length about his captivity and was smart enough to withhold any sidenote on the event that led to his rapture, even though much ink and saliva was spilled over it. The situation in Somalia is dire and requires international help, something Murphy is more than aware of. Sadly, Murphy’s intervention also underlines Limbaugh’s complete incompetence in the matters of social and political analysis. Experience might never match knowledge.

Pirates, you got the wrong guy. Take this one instead! Love, The World.

Pirates, you got the wrong guy. Take this one instead! Love, The World.

See, Limbaugh thought accurate and perhaps even legitimate, in that sick and twisted empty brain of his, to try to explain President Obama’s alleged preoccupied face at church the week prior. The fact that the President of the most indebted western country in the world might be indeed preoccupied by the mounting piles of work on his desk seems to escape him. The fact that Barack Obama has recently been touring the world trying to mend the gaping holes in the trust European and Asian countries had in the American market may not have registered in Limbaugh’s brain, which stopped and stalled at the racial identity of the new President. This says a lot about the current average IQ in the country. According to Limbaugh, Obama was preoccupied by the Somali pirates. “He was worried about the order he had given to wipe out three teenagers on the high seas,” Limbaugh said. “Black Muslim teenagers.”

Murphy added that Rush had to “get with us or against us here”, using a rhethoric Limbaugh might be unfortunately way too familiar with. “The president did the right thing…It’s a war…. It’s about good versus evil. And what you said is evil. It’s hate speech. I won’t tolerate it.” Despite the manichean approach to the conflict, Limbaugh has it in for his unwanted, unrequited, uncalled for archaic racism: when even the Bush Doctrine can’t come to the rescue of the conservatives, you know it’s time to pack up and leave for the middle-eastern/south asian totalitarian regime that’s been waiting for you to PR all along.

When Michelle Obama commented that she was finally proud to be an American, some dared commenting on how unpatriotic that line could sound- I wonder how un-American Rush Limbaugh does sound when the only banner under which he can rally in terms of war and human objectification for ransom, like Shane Murphy has gone through, is of century-old human rights violations, purposeless offense, pointless analysis and downright ignorant speech.  Such a waste of breath won’t go unnoticed. This is hopefully likely to stain Limbaugh’s unfrequentable face for a long time.