For the longest time the premisces of revolution have been attributed to left-wing extremists, communist extraordinaires and anarchist ideologists alike wishing to destroy oppressive governments in the name of equality and liberty. The other side of the political spectrum was reserved to military coups, endangering the civilian population with militia patrols and the downfall of democratic elections. Novelty has come to us from the land that has brought us everything the modern world is currently using: no, not Hong Kong – the United States is now not just embracing the renewal of white supremacy. After bringing a progressive candidate to the utmost position of leadership in a landmark democratic victory, the right-wing neoconservatives, safely positioned during eight years when one of their ilk managed to scoop the White House have decided they had enough.

It was indeed refreshing and somewhat entertaining to see those self-proclaimed “teabaggers” return to the very foundations of their State and claiming independance from a regime they consider restrictive. The conservatives’ support to the oppressed people of Iran has been just as surprising, considering their previous leader had propulsed himself to the Oval Office in suspicious circumstances. Far from us crazy liberals, dirty socialists and useless progressive to take a bit of joy away from the privileged white male population leading the North American continent.  Far from us to tell the neoconservative press to take it down a notch in order to honor what was a safe, uncontested landmark victory by opponent Barack Obama – let alone tell them that they should sit down and cooperate for the next three years and a half. We are upholding their freedom to express their opinions, and my, am I glad they are.

Jim Robinson (left) with another one of our famously idiotic political commentators, Ann Coulter.

Jim Robinson (left) with another one of our famously idiotic political commentators, Ann Coulter.

For anyone not familiar with the wonderful piece of political writing that is the Free Republic, this internet forum, using the American logo with the words “freedom, equality, justice” emblazoned around the victorious eagle, is full of what the internet is generally full of – random strangers posting random commentaries on random topics, under not-so-random screennames so as to never be identified as the author of those ideologies. A veteran website – it opened in 1997 – its articles have always been a delight to read and its creator, Jim Robinson, hailing from North California, became notorious for the website’s campaign to impeach Bill Clinton in 1998. Things remained relatively tame until their “no censorship” rule (it’s a free website!) started increasing its hatred through bigotry, racism, and overall attacks on civil rights, during the Bush years, that Robinson and his peers never necessarily spared either. All was well, both camps were reeled into the unviable corners of the Free Republic.

But Robinson is wanting more than an internet forum in which everyone can express their point of view. In a Twitter era when every opinion has to be reduced to 140 words or less, Robinson has penned a fine piece of socio-political commentary that the blogosphere has truly been missing since the invention of the Facebook statuses. See, Robinson is issuing a call to overthrow the government. Jim Robinson, from Fresno, California, and head guru of a neo-conservative internet forum, believes the United States are in severe danger and that democracy is pointless to the extent only revolution can serve the interests of the Constitution. If you find this sentence confusing, it’s normal. Here is an extract of his statement:

[…] Therefore, We the People of America choose to exercise our right to throw off and alter the abusive government by peacefully recalling and removing from office the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States and all U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives effective immediately.

An interim provisional Chief Executive and congressional representatives will be established as follows: The Secretary of State shall immediately assume the office of interim Chief Executive. The Chief Executive shall appoint and the interim Senate shall confirm an interim Vice President. An immediate election shall be held within each state legislature to appoint two interim senators to represent each sovereign state. A special election shall be held by all states within 30 days to elect interim members of the House of Representatives. Elections for regular government offices shall be conducted in November, 2010 as previously scheduled, except that elections will be held for all elective offices, including President, Vice President and all U.S. Representatives. U.S. Senators will be elected per class schedule by the various state legislatures.

Emphasis mine. In short, Jim Robinson wants to “peacefully” remove Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and all members of Congress in order to temporarily nominate Hilary Clinton so she can organize new Senate and House elections.


Sadly, Robinson is not done with his complete overhaul. He believes amendments 16 and 17 of the Constitution (respectively the suppression of federal income tax, and no more direct election to the Senate), refuses the IRS, and believes all federal buildings and military aid should return to what he believes is the “rightful owner”, ie. the State. Less government, more local independance: this sounds like a call for secession. Texas Governor Rick Perry must be so proud his idea is finally taking root in the minds of the neo-con puppets firmly intending to destroy the last remaining bits of modernity and credibility the United States have left ever since George W Bush left the Office.