A lot has been said about Van Jones, most of it being shameless and thoughtless lies. Even more has been published about Van Jones’ resignation, partisan, bipartisan and unpartisan rambling hum of pseudo-victory and disgusted defeat. The White House, however, has remained almost deafeningly silent, disposing of Jones’ talents at midnight, halfway through Labor Day weekend. Talk about a backdoor exit.

Much like socialism’ true meaning has been entirely corrupted and modified to fit the purpose of a few misguided fanatics, radicalism is now victim to another unilateral update of the English dictionary. Let’s help ourselves to the OED:

adjective 1 relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something. 2 advocating thorough political or social reform; politically extreme. 3 departing from tradition; innovative or progressive

Glenn Beck: his intelligence matches his fashion sense

Glenn Beck: his intelligence matches his fashion sense

I don’t think anyone in their right, objective minds would consider Obama, his administration or his staff radical. There has indeed been some incredible change compared to the previous eight years, but that was nothing short of a journey from insanity to normalcy. Obama’s insistence on bipartisanship is intrisically non radical. He is not even the commie-leaning socialist Bill O’Reilly would want the masses to believe. At best, he is moderate in his approach to left wing politics. What transpires hardcore radicalism, however, is Glenn Beck’s vile and vicious campaign of hate against Jones, his unconspicuous calls for anti-democratic action, and his extreme rhethoric that makes me believe he is more of a revolutionary than any of the suits on Pennsylvia Ave. By far.

The mystery remains as to how Glenn Beck managed to make his voice heard to the point the White House not only just listened, but heed his call. I guess this goes to show how non radical the administration is. Recently Rolling Stone asked Paul Krugman whether Obama was tough enough for the position. As strong as an Obama supporter I am, the answer has to be a negative. Glenn Beck has as much qualification in political affairs as my 5th grade lab partner whose only apparent skills was to blow enormous gum bubbles and whose vacant eyes seemed to indicate a certain degree of brain damage. If we start giving a radical, fundamentalist and delusional preacher like Glenn Beck the same importance as we would someone who actually bothers to fact-check his accusations, there is no point in having secured a Congress majority: no reform will ever pass. Not because the reforms in themselves are not viable, but because the GOP has decided to oppose every policy on ideological principle, which is the biggest dumbing-down process in politics since General de Gaulle resigned in 1969 because he didn’t feel loved enough.

It just so happens that Arianna Huffington managed to ease the score by explaining why Van Jones is better off the White House anyway. Sadly for Beck, O’Reilly and cohorts, radicalism – if Van Jones can even be considered a radical – will remain in the streets. Unfortunately for them, radicalism does exist, just not where they’re looking. Radicalism is now expecting the Obama administration to toughen up and stop compromising on the issues it promised to tackle while on the campaign trail. Healthcare reform could have easily passed, containing the infamous public option, with 60 votes. Stimulus funds need to focus on education. More importantly, it is time to tell the GOP they no longer rule, and failed to prove they were a force one could reason with. If decent Republicans are stepping down to favour ignorant idiots such as Glenn Beck in the public debate, they should be ignored the way we ignore the apocalyptic preacher at the bus stop.

Listen, radicalism lives, it’s around, and it’s not satisfied. I’m not feeling particularly destabilized or challenged by Glenn Beck. It’ll take more than that to shut us up. Now, give us what you got.