A historical member of the Order of Colons, whose name is already enough to send chills down your postmodern spine, Pinchas Wallerstein is
waging a war on progressive western leaders calling for a complete freeze of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The 64th UN General Assembly, considerably divided on the issue, is feeling more than uncomfortable witnessing the rise of extremist opinions regarding the everlasting middleeastern conflict, fearing that no future could soon be contemplated.

Barack Obama reaffirmed his support to Israel and the need for the country to be “supported” – understand, militarily and financially backed up against the alleged constant threat of Hamas rocket launches on the other side of the Jerusalem wall; yet, the new leader of the free world has managed to state in clear, unambiguous word what had been expected from the United States for so long: that America “can not accept” Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, confined in the lifesize camp of Gaza or in remote, endangered and underdeveloped villages all over the Holy Land. A statement that comes just a week after the groundbreaking release of the UN Human Rights Council rapport on Palestine, accusing Israel of war crimes and “possibly” crimes against humanity – short of genocide, those two accusations are the two top crimes on the international law ladder. Israel, until now benefiting from some sort of special treatment from western country in regard to the difficulties faced from being located at the heart of muslim fundamentalism and suffering the aftermath of the Holocaust, is expected to behave like a nation-state abiding by international law and respecting the fundamental rights of people. Those rights – mostly self-determination – are strongly contested by Wallerstein, who believes the extension of Israeli territory is a matter of life or disappearance for Israel.

“Colonialism is absolutely necessary to permanently draw the borders of Israel”, Wallerstein explains (1). “This jewish presence, everywhere, is
fundamental to stopping the creation of a Palestinian state.” At least the vocabulary is not tainted by any hint of political correctness:
Wallerstein has never believed that the Palestinian land could belong to none other than the Jewish people, and is quick to stress that while
it is indeed deeply rooted in his attachment to sionism, he is also considering the overall well-being of Israelis and their safety. “Beyond my sionist conviction that leads me to believe that this land is ours, another State on this side of the Jordan River would represent a danger for Israel. Palestinians have no right to this land”. Sadly for Wallerstein, history and the law are saying otherwise.

Pinchas Wallerstein (second from left): another one preaching violence in the name of ideology

Pinchas Wallerstein (second from left): another one preaching violence in the name of ideology

Although most legal scholars and western leaders already consider Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be too involved in the settlement plan to compromise with on the two-state solution, Pinchas Wallerstein is something else entirely: not bound by any political consideration or diplomatic necessity, Wallerstein is strongly opposed to a two-state solution, and claims that Palestinians should be purely and simply driven out. The Order of Colons, the Yesha, despite not holding any political mandate, maintains strong and close ties with government members.  Wallerstein never fails to point that his endlessly ringing phone is a hotline to Jerusalem where his the stronghold of his lobby is solid enough to be a non-negligeable influence in the dawn of a still hypothetical peace process. Despite a growing number of Israeli citizens simply wishing for a peaceful and respectable nation abiding by international regulations and staying away from ethnic conflict and constant threat of over destructive war, sionism seems to be the ideology fueling the engine of Israel’s successive governments – with the ever so popular belief that without regular and proportional expansion, Israel will be invaded by Palestinians claiming their territory back. Israel’s isolation inside the Middle East, stuck between Lebanon and Syria, is creating a realistic fear of attack. Yet Israel refuses to understand that its colonizing attitude is precisely what nurtures a feeling a vengeance that can’t be put out. Wallerstein may fight in the name of ideology, and may have given a leg to his faith in sionism – but many will keep on falling and bleeding instead of upholding, if not peace itself, at least a statu quo.

According to statistics, 300,000 Israeli colons are now living in the West Bank. 195,000 of them would be in East-Jerusalem, traditionally an
Arab zone.

(1) In an interview to Le Monde, September 25