Wow, Sen. Inhofe (R-OK) is another shining star in the Pantheon of god-fearing neoconservatives. Fearing God so much, in fact, they wouldn’t even dare considering the possibility that they screwed up God’s green earth so bad, the earth is starting to warm up to the point it’ll explode and return to the status of extinct star. Ashes to ashes, pixie dust to pixie dust. Following the creationist trend that the globe is not warming up because it’d mean the planet is going through different evolution stages – and most importantly, that it can’t warm up because it’d mean the reckless industrialisation and subsequent irresponsible waste they’ve been carrying for decades would be imputable to them and them only, Inhofe has decided to remain in denial. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, he says, because GOD IS STILL UP THERE. Note the ironic use of the word “still” in that sentence: he could have left, but he didn’t. He could have stormed out like a drama queen and slammed the door on his way out, but he didn’t. He could have gone fishing on Mars, but he didn’t. “It must be love, right? He still loves us!” cries Inhofe, warm tears streaming down his weary old face who for a moment was convinced he’d die drowning in the melting icebergs rising up the ocean levels. It’s alright man, God’s still there, and we’re up 2 degrees since last time we checked.