Boehner hasn’t met “anyone” who backs public option (October 01, 2009 – Politico – Glenn Thrush)

John Boehner: if looks like a soap opera actor and speaks like a soap opera actor, you know youre in for political drama.

John Boehner: if looks like a soap opera actor and speaks like a soap opera actor, you know you're in for political drama.

Now don’t go ganging up on House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio): he’s simply saying what most Republicans have been cramming down our throats ever since the beginning of that extremely unfortunate health care “debate” (the use of the quotation marks is here to indicate my profound spite at all those spin doctors turning a human rights issue into the political joke of the decade). In a collective effort to dethrone a very popular Barack Obama and undermine his grassroot popular support, the GOP, until then the party of the white financial elite, tries to appeal to the average Joe, the working class, the blue collar from New Jersey and the dairy farmer in Wyoming. According to Republicans, no one supports health care, and no one in their right minds even would, because in itself, the idea of universal health care can onlyemerge from the mind of a man who’s spent so much time in Ivy League classrooms, he’s too removed from the American people to know what they really want.

Because the GOP has never spent any time into country clubs and jet planes at all, and is perfectly attuned to the needs and necessities of a population that has lost their homes and their livelihoods in a depression that was caused by, well, them. But that’s just a detail that I won’t even rehearse anymore, since those are facts, and as Glenn Beck repeatedly proved us, facts are subjective.

Let’s use the power of the internet to help our new friend John Boehner. “I’m still trying to find the first American to talk to who’s in favor of the public option, other than a member of Congress or the administration. “I’ve not talked to one and I get to a lot of places. I’ve not had anyone come up to me — I know I’m inviting them — and lobby for the public option .”

I didn’t know the average American was in any position to lobby Capitol Hill. This is all too reminiscent of Bill O’Reilly’s infamous face-off with Jon Stewart in which The Daily Show host demonstrated that the ancient FoxNews resident was so far removed from reality, he might as well buy Neverland off of Michael Jackson and hereby clear his posthumous debt. I do not know the precise kind of “places” John Boehner graced with his presence, but those are certainly places where people might be too intimidated to speak up as teabaggers would rudely and violently interrupt the democratic process; those might be places where families have been blessed with the gift of uninterrupted, unbothered and perhaps oversheltered lives during which no accident or losses had to be counted. Or maybe John Boehner is one of those politicians who do like to talk to their audience, but would never face any opposition for fear of being at a loss for words.

Truth is, if universal healthcare and the public option were such bad, immoral, unamerican reforms to be had, why the need for the smear campaign, John? Why all those lies about death panels and the rampant slander against President Obama, calling him a “socialist” or even a “Nazi”(*) ?

Since John Boehner is inviting y’all to talk to him about universal healthcare, do not hesitate to contact him. It’s better if you’re an 8th district Ohio resident, but if you’re not, talk to him anyway, because he goes to a lot of places. Call him  at 1-800-582-1001 and let you know that you like the idea of not prematurely dying from a preventable disease, or share your concerns with the US health care ranking placing the nation below Cuba.

(*) the fact that being a Nazi and being a socialist may be dramatically different hasn’t yet occurred to teabaggers. For the reasons why, see “cutting funds on education”.